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Behind The Scenes – Meet Our Customer Success Specialist – Binh

It’s time to introduce another one of our Parcel Perform astronauts! In the spotlight today, we have our Customer Success Specialist, Binh over in the Vietnam team. He is a familiar face to our customers as he is part of the team responsible for onboarding and guiding users of our platform to make sure their experience is as smooth as possible.

Here, Binh talks about his journey with Parcel Perform and answers some questions about his customer-facing role.

Joshua: What’s your (professional) story so far?

Binh: I studied and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Network Engineering in Helsinki, Finland. After coming back to Sai Gon, I started working for a Japanese Telecom company as a Network Engineer but later found out that I’m happier working with customer support tasks and engaging customers. I then applied for the Customer Success Specialist role in Parcel Perform last December and have been here ever since.

Joshua: Why and how did you get started with your role in customer success?

Binh: At my previous job as a Network Engineer, I was working on the technical support side where I managed troubleshooting and working to solve problems with the technical network. I recognized that such a role lacked human interaction and it wasn’t something I wanted to do in the long run.

For my next role, I was looking for something involved in both the technical and customer-facing sides and chanced upon the customer success role at Parcel Perform. I found the prospect of helping customers and solving problems for them very satisfying.

Joshua: What do you love most about working at Parcel Perform?

Binh: I think the both the Singapore and Vietnam teams here at Parcel Perform, are collaborative and very supportive to work with. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and cultures; we have people from different parts of Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Germany and Singapore and yet we work together as a big, united team. Because Parcel Perform is still a young startup, I aim to see my contributions to our growth.

Joshua: What’s your favorite part of your work?

Binh: My main task is to keep our new (and existing) customers guided and engaged on our platform, help the customer to get the most out of our product and showcase the vast possibilities of our services. I especially enjoy setting-up our free trial accounts for a potential customer, where I can fully design and customize our wonderful features to align with the customer’s brand.

I’m particularly proud of all customer interactions that end with a ‘thank you’ and especially a ‘sign up’ because that’s when I know the customer is happy and I’m proud of that.

Joshua: What motivates you at work?

Binh: I take pride in knowing that the work I put into helping the customer will directly affect them and Parcel Perform’s brand image. I also feel blessed to work with such a young, international and supportive team.

Joshua: What do you think someone needs to succeed in your role?

Binh: Patience, positive thinking and a healthy dose of empathy! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand their feelings and requirements. Only then should you identify how we can we can support and satisfy their needs.

Joshua: What’s next for you and what are you looking forward to in your role?

Binh: I want to make sure that I keep customers happy and continuously hone my own skill set to provide the best customer support. As the team is growing, I’ll like to also do my part in onboarding newcomers by sharing more of my customer-facing experiences with the team.

In my own free time, I’m also working on learning HTML coding which would be helpful in addressing customer concerns and inquiries.


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