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Behind The Scenes – Meet Our Back-End Software Developer Kien

It’s time to introduce another one of our amazing astronauts! Today, we turn our spotlight to one of the members of our development team in Vietnam who plays a critical role in shaping Parcel Perform’s products. Here we have one of our back-end software developers Kien Le who ensures our products are always ready to serve your parcel tracking needs.

Joshua: What’s your (professional) story so far?

Kien: I graduated last year from RMIT University Vietnam with a major in Application Programming. Professionally, I started as a back-end development intern at Parcel Perform, afterwards, I came on board full time and have been working as a software developer in the back-end team for over a year now.

Joshua: Why did you get started with back-end development?

Kien: It was my choice to get into back-end web development through the simple process of elimination. I’ve always been interested in technology, and I love tinkering with software. I wasn’t keen on front-end development, and mobile application development was out as I’m not an avid user of mobile devices. Therefore, getting into back-end development was my natural next choice.

In my back-end development role, the work is varied and exciting.  From building custom integrations for customers, coming up with new ways to enhance the performance of our back-end web services, or finding new ways to integrate with eCommerce marketplaces like Shopify, my work never stops challenging me, and I love how fast-paced it is.

Joshua: How did you get introduced to Parcel Perform?

Kien: I was coming to the end of my last semester at university, and I wanted to do an internship to get some practical exposure in web development. I spoke to one of my lecturers if he knew anyone. Fortunately, he referred me to Khang, the technical leader of the Parcel Perform team. So I took the chance and here I am today.   

Joshua: What do you love most about working at Parcel Perform?

Kien: I think the working environment is the best aspect of Parcel Perform. Everyone is fun, very open and supportive. My colleagues also come from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities. Even within the Vietnam team, our team members come from different regions of Vietnam, and I learn new things about Vietnam from them. I love working with people of different nationalities and backgrounds as I can learn a lot from them – both personally and professionally.

Joshua: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Kien: I think my favorite part about working here is how much I learn each day. As Parcel Perform grows and its products become more sophisticated, we need to continuously adapt more modern technologies on the market into our systems  As a back-end developer; it is my job to familiarize myself with what’s out there in the market and find a way to integrate these into the technology what we currently have.

I’m always fascinated and excited to have the opportunity to try things that are out of my comfort zone. Recently I have had the chance to work with Amazon Web Services Serverless technology for the first time, and I loved it!

Joshua: What motivates you at work?

Kien: I take pride in knowing that the work I put into our products directly shape the company and push the company forward. I love that I can develop the company’s vision and future through my contributions.

Joshua: What do you think someone needs to succeed in your role?

Kien: From my experience, sheer hard work and dedication are probably the most significant factors for success. As a software developer, you need to be able to keep yourself constantly up to date with new technologies. One must be willing to learn and adapt and not be complacent, regardless of how intelligent you are. Without hard work, it is possible to fall behind others and drag down the team.

Joshua: What’s next for you and what are you looking forward to in your role?

Kien: As a junior developer, there is always room for me to enhance my skill set and gain more experience. Besides back-end web development, I’m also learning the basics of machine learning in my free time, and I’ve found what I learned so far to be very exciting,

At the same time, I want to contribute even more and continuously improve Parcel Perform’s products to support our growth!


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