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An Interview with Our Founders on Parcel Perform’s Europe Expansion and Brand Refresh.

The past week has certainly been an eventful one for us here at Parcel Perform. We launched our new Europe office in Berlin, announced a partnership with Coureon Logistics and launched a global brand refresh along with an enhanced Logistics Intelligence feature!

Behind all these exciting new initiatives are our two founders Arne Jeroschewski and Dana von der Heide. We sat down with them to hear their thoughts on the recent expansion and what it means for them to ‘come back’ to the European market.

Watch the video on YouTube here, or read a transcript below.

What are your thoughts on the e-commerce logistics industry in Europe?

Arne: We’ve always been excited about Europe, for the reason that there are so many markets, so many logistics service providers. So, any supply chain that you build is going to be very complex. And with our solution, we are able to help e-commerce merchants to manage that in a better way and deliver a much better customer experience for their end-consumers.

What are some new and exciting updates we can expect from Parcel Perform?

Dana: We are continuously updating our product with new deployments that we usually jointly develop with our clients. But today, we’re especially excited about our new Logistics Intelligence dashboard, which allows carriers as well as retailers to have more insights into their carrier performance and can now manage their logistics more effectively.

What inspired you to expand Parcel Perform into Europe?

Dana: I mean, of course, for us to come back home after our successful establishment of Parcel Perform in Asia and the many clients that we’re supporting there. It’s a big honor for us to come back to Europe and bring our product to this market and the local client base, helping more and more retailers to grow their business.

Tell us more about Parcel Perform’s rebranding.

Dana: Parcel Perform’s brand has been around for many years, but we thought with our next phase of growth, it’s time to give it an update. So if you check out our website, you will see the new brand identity, a lot of new illustrations, and also more insights into our features and into the company.

Arne: Dana and I are going to be here very often and we have a team here. So, anyone who’s excited about e-commerce logistics and delivering a better experience should get in touch through our website, directly through LinkedIn, or any other channel. We would love to talk to them and see what we can do, as Parcel Perform, to help them.

Dana: Absolutely.

We’re super excited to be embarking on this new phase of growth in the European market! Want to speak to our team or our founders? Get in touch with us here, or contact Arne and Dana through LinkedIn.

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