How To: Create Customised Emails Using Our Email Editor

We’re back with the second part of our how-to guide to use our new Email Editor!

Part 1 of the guide for Tracking Experience can be found here. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any other help:
How-To: Tracking Experience

With our new Email Editor available for Silver and Gold subscribers, you can now fully customise the content and layout of every tracking email at every stage of the delivery process.

The Email Editor allows you to edit all the emails contained in a single email template. An email template can be used across multiple tracking experiences.

Creating Your First Custom Email Template

Customised, post-purchase emails see significantly higher opens and off-the-chart engagement rates of up to 60%. Customers love it when they feel like you’re taking care of them. Keep them updated with timed tracking emails! You can also ensure each email for each delivery stage has its unique look and feel.

Step 1: To create your own custom tracking email template within the Update section, simply click on +Create New Template or +New Template in the drop-down menu.
If you have already created a custom tracking email template before and would like to edit it, simply select the template in the drop-down menu and click on Edit Template



Please take note that when you create a new template or edit a current template, your tracking experience will be associated to that template and saved.

Step 2: In the Create New Template popup, key in a title for your tracking email template in the input here and select a layout here.



Layouts are the designs applied to your newly created tracking email template. If this is your first tracking email template, only the Basic layout will be available for selection.

The Basic layout provides you with a simple version of a tracking email HTML that you can use immediately or use as a base for more modifications. If you have created other custom tracking email templates before, their layouts will be available for use here.

Step 3: Once you have chosen a layout, click create to create your custom tracking email template! Now you can start editing your own custom email template!


Creating A Customised Email Template With Our New Email Editor

On the left, you will see a list of the emails in this template corresponding to the different tracking stages of a parcel.You can decide which emails you want to be sent out to your customers via the Update section of a tracking experience.

Step 1: Click on each email to edit them. Here, you can customise just the emails you want to send out. Do remember to update email content in the Editor if you add or remove email triggers in the Update section.


Step 2: Once an email is selected, you can change the subject of the email and the body content of the email.

Both input fields allows for free text and Field Placeholders. Field Placeholders are special pieces of code that will be replaced with the appropriate parcel information when the email is generated. Use them to personalise your emails with your parcel details.


For example: The {{tracking.number}} Field Placeholder will be replaced with the parcel’s tracking number whereas the {{}} Field Placeholder will be replaced with the carrier name of the parcel.



Step 3: Simply click on the Field Placeholder input to bring up the list of all placeholders.

To find a specific Field Placeholder, simply key in the Field Placeholder name in the search box and the list will display related Field Placeholders.


To use a Field Placeholder, click on the Field Placeholder that you want in the list to copy it to your clipboard and paste it in your desired location in your HTML editor.


Step 4: Edit your email body’s content in the editor. Get started easily with our Basic layout; a simple version of a tracking email HTML that you can use immediately or to use as a base to customise further with HTML in our editor.


The HTML editor will also prompt you if you have errors in your HTML code. You need to resolve the errors before you can save your email.


Similar to the subject line, you can also use Field Placeholders to personalise your emails and pull in unique information from your database into your email’s body.


Step 5: At any time, send a preview email of the email that you are editing directly to your email address by clicking on the Send Preview button in the footer.



The preview email that you’ll receive will be populated with sample data to help you get the best view of your tracking emails. Make sure all information to populate the Field Placeholders is already uploaded into our database to avoid blanks in your email.



Step 6: Don’t forget to save after making the changes to your email.

If you have any activated tracking experiences that have the current email template configured, your customers will receive the newly saved email content if they are subscribed to that particular tracking update.



And we’re done with the Email Editor! I hope that this exciting feature by Parcel Perform will help you provide beautiful and informative emails for your customers. Got any questions about this guide or our new tools?


We are always there for our customers. Do feel free to reach out to us through our website and we’ll be happy to guide you through if you have any questions or issues.