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Did you know it costs up to five times more to attract new customers than to keep existing customers? Signs are clear, focusing on keeping existing customers is what allows businesses to sustainably grow and be successful in the long run.

These are matters that have been on the mind of many of our customers and merchants we interact with. We at Parcel Perform understand your struggles and that’s why our experts compiled the latest insights on customer retention in our latest free customer experience whitepaper: Want To Keep Customers? Get The Post Purchase Experience Right. Here’s How.

It is often your customer’s post-purchase experience that determines if they will buy from you again. Focusing on getting the post-purchase experience right is, therefore, a key driver to improve customer retention and drive customer lifetime value for your e-Commerce store.

Our Parcel Perform customer experience whitepaper, therefore covers the following, most important topics:

  • Why focusing on customer acquisition alone isn’t enough for sustainable business growth  
  • What you should do instead: increase repeat purchases from your existing customers and drive customer lifetime value.
  • A step by step process to calculate your Customer Lifetime Value and identify the right customers to focus your retention efforts on.
  • The steps to take to improve your post-purchase customer experience and sustainably grow your business.

Customer retention is the key to sustainable growth

Did you know if you retain 5 customers out of 100 new customers, you can reap up to 7 times more sales and increase profits by at least 25%? With our whitepaper, master the skills and processes to create a post-purchase experience your customers will enjoy to retain your customers!

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But our Parcel Perform astronauts, of course, don’t just stop there. Our experts happily share their experience and develop a customized after-sales experience together with you. Allow us to contact you to set up a quick call to develop the best possible customer experience for your business. Simply reach us here.