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Customer Experience

Header image for blog post- Demystifying pre-shipment: What it means for your e-commerce business. Image depicts shelves and people with boxes in a warehouse, preparing orders for delivery.
Customer Experience

Demystifying pre-shipment: What it means for your e-commerce business

E-commerce pre-shipment is a critical phase that goes unnoticed. Learn how to optimize it with transparency and data.

Jan 17, 2024

Woman sitting on couch thinking about her RETURNS experience. A good returns experience is powered by Parcel Perform's returns module, and takes into consideration all elements like policy configuration, self-service returns initiation, shipping convenience, tracking the actual return, analytics. Returns can be profitable, but e-commerce businesses need to get it right.
Customer Experience

From hassle to profit: The blueprint of a seamless returns flow

Follow our returns blueprint to start working on a successful returns strategy.

Nov 15, 2023

Supply Chain
Customer Experience

6 steps to get your Peak Season planning back on track

Ensure your business is fully prepared for the upcoming peak season by optimizing the delivery experience.

Oct 14, 2023

This image is for a blog post about notifications strategy. The blog post talks about the top 10 most effective post-purchase email notifications that an e-commerce business can send to its customers. The image comprises sample email notifications with an e-commerce business's brand colors and design.
Customer Experience

Parcel Perform: Key elements of a post-checkout notifications strategy

Post-checkout notifications are the closest thing to instant gratification in e-commerce. Here’s how you can use them.

Oct 10, 2023

Blog header image for blog post that educates merchants about the "why" and "how" of having a customizable premium tracking page, one of Parcel Perform's flagship features and capabilities. The image shows a mockup of what a premium tracking page actually looks like. Some key areas are also highlighted to give the reader a sense of the important elements that comprise a premium tracking page enabled by Parcel Perform.
Customer Experience

Customize your post-checkout order tracking page to make it a customer experience powerhouse

Here’s how to customize your post-purchase order tracking page for a better customer experience.

Aug 31, 2023

This image depicts the cycle that a customer goes through post-purchase. If the customer has a good e-commerce shopping experience, they will come back to shop with the business again. This is the Parcel Perform approach to e-commerce customers' post-purchase journeys. The image is an abstract image that shows a person shopping at on online store via their mobile, and other elements show each touchpoint the customer will go through after they purchase. Elements include RATE, revenue and profit, unboxing, returns, customer satisfaction and price tags (shopping).
Customer Experience

Why you should start mapping the customers’ post-purchase journey

Map the post-checkout customer journey and address gaps to provide your customers with a positive experience.

Aug 11, 2023

Image is for blog post talking about how merchants, retailers, and marketplaces, can unlock the revenue potential of returns. This image is an abstract, and features several elements that depict Parcel Perform's capabilities. In the miage, you can see mockups with charts, some graphical elements that represent channels like globe, heart, coins, email, tik tok, website, instagram, and mobile.
Customer Experience

Unlocking returns potential: Elevating business success through customer experience

Discover how to optimize the returns process to improve customer satisfaction and enhance growth.

Aug 08, 2023

Image is for a blog post talking about post-checkout or post-purchase engagement. The image is an abstract containing multiple elements of the Parcel Perform platform that merchants, brands, retailers, marketplaces, can use to improve the customer experience, and boost customer engagement. The image contains elements that represent our RATE, NOTIFY module, and shows that it can improve customer sentiment towards brands who use our parcel tracking platform.
Customer Experience

Improve post-checkout engagement to boost your e-commerce business

Post-checkout engagement is crucial for e-commerce businesses. Here's how you can improve it with just a few tweaks.

Aug 07, 2023

Parcel Perform's shipment tracking capabilities gives merchants the data needed to analyze post-purchase behaviour. This image is an abstract image that shows a human being interacting with an e-commerce shop on mobile. Other elements include RATE and emotional graphics to signify how the person feels about their interaction with the online store.
Customer Experience
Data & Integrations

How to boost customer loyalty with post-checkout behavior analysis

Here's how post-checkout behavior analysis can help merchants to discover the key to improving customer loyalty.

Aug 01, 2023

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Parcel Perform's leading data and delivery experience platform is a turnkey solution that helps merchants, retailers, and brands improve the post-purchase or post-checkout experience. The post shares tips and best practices that you can use to improve your customer's post-purchase evaluation.
Customer Experience
Data & Integrations

5 ways to improve your customer's post-checkout evaluation and drive repeat sales

Here are 5 powerful ways to substantially improve customers' post-checkout experience and evaluation of the business.

Jul 27, 2023

Parcel Perform's ENGAGE and NOTIFY modules are powerful tools that help merchants upsell and cross sell when engaging end-consumers during the post checkout phase. This image illustrates that with a pictures of the Parcel Perform tracking page with status updates, delivery experience ratings, and line items feature that depicts the products that the consumer has purchased.
Customer Experience

Use post-checkout updates to improve your e-commerce upselling and cross-selling

Upselling and cross-selling are big contributors to revenue. Here's how to get it right with post-checkout updates.

Jul 20, 2023

Image is for blog post which talks about how e-commerce can reduce e-commerce costs. There are five tips in the post, which touch on topics like marketing, returns, logistics operations, customer service and customer satisfaction. Image here is an abstract image that depicts a person using scissors to cut the "cost" word, and some parcels with emoticons that represent happy customers.
Supply Chain
Customer Experience

5 essential tips that reduce your e-commerce business costs

Here are 5 powerful ways e-commerce businesses can reduce their costs with parcel tracking.

Jul 14, 2023

AI-driven EDD makes the customer's delivery experience much better. Image is an abstract depicting a woman shopping online and receiving an accurate estimated delivery both before and after she checks out or finishes the transaction. Image also includes illustration of a mobile phone with delivery progress and desktop calendar with delivery date marked out.
Customer Experience
Data & Integrations

AI-driven EDDs: Making the delivery experience even more seamless and reliable

AI-driven estimated delivery dates can make your customers' delivery experience much more seamless and reliable.

Jul 12, 2023

Customer Experience
Machine Learning & AI

Boost your conversion rates: How to resolve cart abandonment with AI

Learn how to combat cart abandonment with AI and boost your conversion rates

Jul 06, 2023

Customer Experience

The future of e-commerce returns: Emerging trends and technologies

Explore some of the emerging trends and technologies revolutionizing the e-commerce industry.

Jun 16, 2023

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