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Our 5 Key Takeaways from E-Commerce Expo Asia 2018

Last week, our Parcel Perform team went down to the e-Commerce Expo Asia at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands to speak with our customers, meet fellow service providers and stay up to date with the latest innovations in the e-commerce world.

The conference featured experienced speakers from some of the eminent global and local players in the e-commerce and delivery landscape like Singapore Post, UrbanFox, Zalora, and DB Schenker. Speakers shared their insights on e-commerce buying and delivery trends during the peak season. 

We share 5 key insights on customer experience and logistics we loved from the various discussions and talks at e-Commerce Expo:

1. Finding the correct logistics partners to support your operations is crucial

Logistics provider UrbanFox advises retailers to have at least 2-3 different carriers set up to ensure your logistics processes are completely accounted for. With logistics carriers typically facing a surge in delivery demand and customer service inquiries, retailers should prepare for alternative carriers in case your preferred carriers are unavailable during the peak season.

Key takeaway: Peak season comes with multiple opportunities to grow your business and obtain new customers, Ensure your carrier set up is robust enough for the peak season. The delivery process plays a crucial role in your customer’s overall experience 

Tip: Do you know how your carriers are performing? Parcel Perform gives you key insights on all delivery and logistics performance metrics for you to assess your carrier’s performance.

2. Customers love it when they’re kept updated throughout the delivery journey

UrbanFox also spoke about the importance of delivery notifications for a great customer experience. To truly reassure that you have your customer’s interests at heart, you must have delivery notifications set up for each stage of the delivery journey.

Key takeaway: Today’s shoppers have spoken: they expect clear and timely notifications that keep them updated on their deliveires. Keeping your customers in the loop reassures them that you care about them, even after their purchase.

With Parcel Perform notifications, you can keep your customers in the loop whenever there’s a new update on the delivery process. Try us out for free here.

3. How your items are packed and delivered has a huge impact on your customer’s experience of your store:

Do you remember the feeling of unwrapping a new delivery or gift? Customers love capturing that moment of anticipation and excitement and uploading it on YouTube in the form of unboxing videos.

According to Think With Google, unboxing video views have grown by 57% over the past year. It’ll also take more than 7 years to watch all the videos on YouTube with “unboxing” in the title.

Clearly, the mystique and anticipation associated with the unboxing experience resonate with consumers. As eBay shared, the unboxing experience can even be an excellent opportunity for user-generated content (like YouTube videos) and delighting your customers.

For retailers, pay attention to how your packages is packed and it’s final state when it arrives on their doorstep. Research from Trendingpackaging indicates 66% of customers agree that how their items are packed shows how much the retailer cares about their customers. Additionally, 59% agree that retailers and logistics providers are equally responsible when their packages are damaged in transit.

Key takeaway: Retailers need to pay attention to the details of the last mile delivery. Consider how your packages are packed, how elegant they look and how easy they are to unbox. Paying attention to the unboxing experience can be a hidden win for customer experience and create opportunities for product evangelism with your customers.

4. Customers expect a “Glocal Buying Experience”

“Global is local and local is global”

– Tadashi Yanai, Chairman of Fast Retailing, parent company of Uniqlo.

Global brands need to think of what the local buyer wants and optimize the buying experience for their customers. In his presentation, Yong Sheng Tam from eBay shared what buyer expectations looked like in the delivery journey.

Key takeaway: Actively evaluate your shop’s conversion checkout process after checkout and analyze if customers are dropping off at any point. By paying attention to your conversion process and ensuring they are in line with buyer’s expectations, you can create an even better check out and post-purchase experience for your customers

5. Peak season’s opportunities come with challenges and merchants need to prepare accordingly.

Lazada Express’s Gerald Glauerdt shared more about common issues that retailers and delivery partners face during the peak season

  • Merchants are overwhelmed with orders
  • Drop-off station is full
  • Out of stock
  • Wrong price
  • Delivery partner did not turn up for pick-up

Key takeaway: The peak season is one rife with opportunities, but merchants and delivery partners can easily be overwhelmed by the quick influx of orders, customer service and strain on their logistics partners. Retailers need to prepare their shop and staff to fully benefit from the wonders of the peak season.

In Conclusion

To expand your business, you need to evolve your supply chain and customer experience strategies. Ensure products reach your customers safely and quickly while keeping them in the loop of their deliveries ensures for the best customer experience possible.

Topics covered during the e-Commerce Expo was timely and insightful as we ramp up preparations for the peak season. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this industry!

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