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Our Key Takeaways About Logistics And Customer Experience from LogiSYM 2019

Our Parcel Perform team spent a fruitful two days at LogiSYM Singapore 2019 this May – one of the largest supply chain and logistics-focused conferences here in Singapore!

Our sales and marketing teams were out in full force speaking to renowned supply chain and logistics professionals across the region, discussing logistics trends and the future of supply chains. On top of that, our founder Dana was also one of the key speakers at the conference, touching on the importance of logistics data and urging everyone to gather all available logistics data for various potential use cases. We’re also super pleased to share that we won an award for Most Promising Startup for our efforts in the logistics industry.

dennis logisym
Our Business Development Manager Dennis speaking to people at LogiSYM 2019.

Missed the conference? We’ve compiled our personal highlights in this article.

IDC Asia’s Stephanie Krishnan opened the conference sharing on digital transformation in e-commerce and in the supply chain.

Digital transformation in the supply chain is a crucial topic in the logistics world and Stephanie’s opening keynote addressed just this. She spoke about the importance of supporting customers throughout all customer touch points in today’s 3rd generation of e-commerce, characterized by these five ingredients:

  • Mobile-first experiences
  • Real-time analytics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)-driven, personalized experiences for known and anonymous customers
  • Optimizing the last mile delivery experience.
  • Usage of industry collaborative platforms

stephanie logisym 2019 presentation

Stats by IDC found that a startling 56% of organizations do not yet have a digital roadmap! Hence, the first priority for organizations starting out in this area will be to build a suitable roadmap based on shared goals and available resources.

We at Parcel Perform foresee digitalizing the supply chain and focusing on customer experience will be a prime focus for 2019, and are heartened that Stephanie shares similar sentiments.

BluJay Solutions’ Joseph Lim expounded on the importance of emphasizing customer experience even in the supply chain.

Joseph shared the results of an online survey they commissioned with Adelante SCM to examine three pertinent questions:

  1. Is customer experience becoming more critical to supply chain performance?
  2. What is driving or hindering innovation in the supply chain?
  3. What technologies will drive innovation through supply chains?

supplychainresearch graph

Source: Supply Chain Research

In the survey, they found:

  • The adoption of technology is key to supply chain innovation and performance
  • Companies make innovation a priority to reduce costs or deliver an enhanced customer experience for their customers.

Full survey results and insights available here.

“Customer experience is becoming a KPI. Almost 9/10 companies expect to be competing primarily on customer service within the next five years”. – Julio Hernandez, KPMG.

Amber Road’s Al Cooke spoke on the importance of logistics data management to support your 3PLs and logistics partners.

Al Cooke opened with a moment of truth: today’s global supply chain execution is highly fragmented. With many different 3PLs and partners covering a single trade lane, information flow is messy and can affect visibility on critical information. This process is inefficient and can impact business results.

Yet, with the rise of digitalization, the transfer and communication of information are now vastly easier. Countless software now exist in the market that enable businesses to manage information and logistics data more effectively.

“3PLs are still trafficking in unstructured data – it may be digital, but it is not structured. Disparate systems create a lack of normalization which creates difficulty communicating between parties.” – Al Cooke.

There is a pressing need for a global digital solution which automates data collection and structuring processes. Top performers in the cross-border logistics scene share these two characteristics; they provide robust digital options for their customers and seek to continuously evolve.

Our founder Dana spoke on the power of logistics data to grow your business and participated in several panel discussions with leaders in the supply chain.

Dana shared her outlook on the exponential growth in data within the logistics industry on Day 2 of LogiSYM.

Some key statistics to highlight the state of digital data today:

“Data is the new oil. But (data) is only useful when it’s refined.” – Dana von der Heide

Of course, this topic is very close to our hearts. We at Parcel Perform believe in the power of data; especially parcel tracking data. Collection and refinement of parcel tracking data benefit your customers, customer service teams and logistics managers. It affects how you update your customers and stakeholders, improve your operations and understand your logistics setup.

To top it all off, we also took home the award for Most Promising Startup as part of the Supply Chain Top 20 Awards 2019!

logisym startup award

Our team also asked several attendees, judges, and speakers at LogiSYM Singapore 2019 their perspectives and impressions on the logistics and supply chain industry. Hear from some of the best in the logistics industry like IDC Insights, Sealed Air and Esprit. Watch the video here.

LogiSYM 2019 brought together the best and brightest in the supply chain and logistics industry.

This is just the start of an exciting conference season for us at Parcel Perform! Next up, we’re off to the K5 Conference in Berlin from 3-4 June. Drop us a note if you’re going to be there!

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