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3 Key Takeaways From New Retail 19 in Melbourne

Our team members Dana and Dennis are back from an action-packed New Retail 19 in Melbourne! Between catching up with our Australian customers, showcasing our new brand in our first Australian conference for the year, and speaking to fellow online retailers and delivery partners, we also took the opportunity to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and developments in the Australian e-commerce market.
With retail insolvencies on the rise in the United States and higher-than-average liquidations in the Australian retail industry, the pressure is on for retailers to win the hearts (and wallets) of consumers worldwide. With these external conditions in mind, New Retail 19 was packed! We saw full houses on the first day and countless people eager to learn from the best in retail. If you couldn’t make it to the conference, no worries! In this article, we summarise some of our key takeaways and insights from thought leaders in the retail space and the supply chain.

1. The use of big data to improve customer experiences was a major discussion topic at New Retail 19

Using technology and data to listen to your customers and make informed business decisions was the main theme in the conference. Shine+ Drink CEO Steve Chapman and founder of digital marketing firm Alley Nick Lavidge talked about the importance of using big data to test new marketing innovations and product ranges. Subsequent panels involving retail leaders also hovered around this topic. People agreed they need to focus on the ethical use of customer data to personalize customer communications and get transparency on logistics performance.
“We are moving to a world where we can understand far more about our customers and fans, making it easier to grab their attention and find more customers like them.” Steve Chapman, CEO of Shine+ Drink
We share their views on making data-driven decisions from customer data. Data factors into creating more personalized customer experiences and improves the efficiency of your customer service teams. Although, remember your customers also want to feel secure and assured that their data is in safe hands – ensure robust privacy and security measures are in place! Also, consider analyzing logistics data from your supply chain to complete the picture of your customers. Data should be aggregated across the entire customer’s journey, including data on the post-purchase experience.

2. Lack of transparency on supply chain data is a tremendous opportunity for retailers to exceed customers expectations internationally.

Showcasing their impressive supply chain set up and growth over the years, Paul Waddy from online e fashion retailer Showpo touched on the importance of meticulously gathering data for your supply chain and its role in business growth. Did you know they went from a 3PL to a 1PL set up in 5 weeks?
Did you know international exports make up 30% of Showpo’s revenue? They ship to over 60 countries worldwide from 2 warehouses and 5 carriers. Paul also spoke on the importance of supply chain data and tackling an often neglected part of the supply chain; returns. Retailers who tackle the importance of supply chain data can help tremendously in addressing rising consumer expectations on managing the post-purchase experience

3. Catch Of The Day shared some insights on opportunities to engage your customers before and after the purchase is made

Our client Catch Of The Day’s Head of Fulfilment Richard Whetton spoke on the importance of engaging your customers after checkout and shared some key contact points retailers can use to enhance your customer’s experience.
Beyond the obvious contact points like marketing material, within the online shop (or app) directly, it’s also important to keep the customer informed after their  purchase. Some strategies involved:
  • Provide an estimate of dispatch time in your order confirmation emails
  • Proactively notify the customer when the order has been picked and dispatched
  • Provide a tracking portal for customers to track their orders. Tracking pages are also an opportunity to showcase your brand and up-sell your customers
  • Use post-purchase emails to update the customer at every step of the parcel’s journey
  • Pay attention to the product unboxing experience
  • Think about your customer service on hand to sort out any potential issues (whether product or delivery-related)
  • Look at the returns experience
This is one of the things we at Parcel Perform stand for – proactively communicate with your customers after checkout using post-purchase emails, tracking pages and so on. Your customers will appreciate it!

New Retail 19 was a blast!

Thank you to the Retail Learning Channel team for such a smooth, insightful and action-packed conference. Want more insights from the events our team attends? Check out our monthly newsletter chock-full of actionable tips and strategies on how to provide the best customer experience for your eCommerce shop and manage your logistics data. Sign up for it here: