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[SlideShare] How To Gain Repeat Customers That Stay With You Even After The Peak Season

If 64% of your customers don’t stay beyond the peak season, what can you do to make sure they stay? The answer lies in your post purchase communication. Read our SlideShare for more tips!

We’re in October now, which means the retail peak season is approaching. In other parts of the world, it’s already here.

With a slew of online shopping festivals coming up, 10/10, Alibaba’s 11/11 Singles Day sale, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas to round up the year, it’s crucial for brands to get their last mile delivery experience right.

In the last mile delivery experience, there are multiple factors that can influence the post-purchase customer experience. For example, how tracking information is displayed, the availability of Estimated Delivery Dates for your end-customers or how many notifications you send your customers during the delivery journey all play a part in forming your customer’s impressions with your brand.

When you are only as strong as your weakest link, it then makes sense for the brands to own this post-purchase communication from the get-go.

Data from Shopify finds that 64% of customers acquired during peak season do not buy from them again. But there’s ways to get around it by with strong post-purchase communication.

We’ve prepared a SlideShare presentation for some helpful tips on how to get ready to retain as many customers as possible after peak season.


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