Announcement: New Parcel Monitor Is Live!

The new Parcel Monitor is the global knowledge-sharing community dedicated to E-commerce Logistics for retailers, logistics carriers and end-consumers.

We have an exciting announcement to make today – our companion end-consumer Parcel Monitor service is evolving to a full-blown e-commerce logistics community!

Alongside the Parcel Perform platform for retailers you know and love, we also have an end-consumer parcel tracking platform Parcel Monitor, allowing end-consumers to track their shipments from over 600 logistics carriers on a single website, simplifying parcel tracking for consumers around the world.

Over the past years, Parcel Monitor has seen enormous growth with more than 300,000 users per week to track their parcels.

About our new Parcel Monitor Community 

The newly launched Parcel Monitor Community is an extension of our ambition to drive transparency, accountability, and collaboration for the e-commerce logistics industry.

With a treasure trove of parcel data amassed on the platform from billions of parcels tracked over the past 4 years (from logistics performance, delivery timings to carrier ratings), we at Parcel Monitor thought it was time to play our part and start the ball rolling.

In our revamped site, consumers, logistics carriers, and retailers can come together to share  knowledge, discuss ideas, and pose or answer questions.  The Parcel Monitor team will also be working to provide the latest industry news and insights, for members to use Parcel Monitor as a platform to deepen their professional knowledge.


How can Parcel Monitor support you with e-commerce logistics insights? 

How could this community benefit you? Let’s go into the details of how engaging with the Parcel Monitor community can potentially help you. 


Apart from keeping up with the latest consumer trends, retailers can better understand their customers’ post-purchase experience through Parcel Monitor through interactive questionnaires and discussion threads. We provide a safe space for consumers to give honest feedback on their delivery experience with retailers. With that, retailers can accurately assess their post-purchase capabilities, identify any areas of improvement and even go a step further by benchmarking their logistics performance against their peers’ with a personalised report. 

Logistics Carriers 

Similarly, carriers can obtain insights into their logistics performance and improve on their services with our aggregated industry benchmarks.  Aggregated carrier ratings and individual reviews on our site also give carriers a peek into what consumers are really thinking of.

With this information, carriers can optimise their business processes accordingly to meet the needs of their customers.

E-Commerce Professionals

Industry professionals can use Parcel Monitor to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and trends. The Parcel Monitor team will soon be launching a dedicated page for all online and offline events in e-commerce logistics, so that members can easily look for events relevant to their field of work and connect with fellow professionals. Watch this space!

End Consumers

Finally, consumers can continue to track their parcels and leave their feedback on their delivery experience through Parcel Monitor.  This is an important functionality which we retained, as we believe that the feedback given by consumers is the key to staying transparent and help drive improvement. Consumers can also shed light on their evolving needs and preferences by participating in trivia quizzes on the platform.

Parcel Monitor released their first e-commerce infographic featuring Australia.


This is based on the data accumulated over 5 years and analysed by our data team. Keep a lookout for the rest of the series featuring other countries!


Through data and the collective wisdom of the community, we believe we can create an open, collaborative space within the e-commerce logistics industry.

Joining the Parcel Monitor community is free and can be done in minutes. Sign up for an account using your LinkedIn profile now.