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Behind The Scenes – Meet Our Lead Back-End Developer, Andy

Today, we have another member of Parcel Perform in the spotlight, Andy. He is a key member of our back-end development team at our beloved Vietnam office, playing a crucial role in optimizing our platform to serve our customers all over the world. Get to know him in this interview as we sat down with him to ask him some questions about his life before Parcel Perform and get to know him more outside his role!

Joshua: Can you tell us a bit more about your background before joining Parcel Perform?

Andy: I was a full-stack developer for an offshore software development company for about three years where I developed my skills on Agile and other software architecture experience.

Joshua: What drew you to back-end development?

Andy: I would say I came to back-end development by a matter of coincidence. There’re many aspects from back-end and front-end that I enjoy, but when coming to deciding between the two; well I never really considered myself a visual person and didn’t do well in art while in school, so I opted for back-end instead.

Jokes aside, currently I feel challenged to develop my skills as a back-end team member in Parcel Perform. We have to move quickly, adapt to various customer integration options and yet be robust enough to scale effectively. These three conditions for a fast-growing startup is really challenging.

Joshua: How did you get introduced to Parcel Perform?

Andy: Back then I was looking for an opportunity to work with a growing startup where you have the flexibility to get involved with a lot of cool technology and while working closely with customers.  My first encounter with Parcel Perform was when my friend (we’re still working together) told me to go to Parcel Monitor’s tracking page, where you can search for your tracking number and track your parcels across hundreds of carriers. I knew this would be something interesting to work on. Later on, I met the founders Arne and Dana during one of their visits to Vietnam and I guess the rest is history.

Joshua: Any advice for an aspiring developer?

Andy: I think developers need to ask more questions related to the products, tasks you need to do and think about any customer request that comes in. Thinking more about what a requirement entails would help you foresee future technical requirements and complexity behind each task. On the other hand, keep looking for challenges, work on growing products and get involved in the process as much as you can and you can continue growing your skills.

Joshua: If you had a superpower, it would be …

Andy: Changing the past! We do things that we think its the best, at that moment, but you know, trying hard doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Hey, I can kill the bugs before it was born!

Joshua: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Andy: I spend most of my spare time at home playing old strategy games with my friends,

I enjoy reading books, technology blogs, and Quora too.

I also try to exercise regularly as I don’t think sitting all day is good for you. I swim in the morning a few days a week and I sometimes join in the company’s running club after work. Recently I’m interested in machine learning and data streaming, so those books are on my Kindle top priority now

Joshua: What’s next for you and what are you looking forward to in your role?

Experience more in tech I guess, I’ve been focusing a lot on data streaming and seeing how this can be applied to our system. I guess my future is still pretty open and there’s a lot of things to be done. Definitely looking forward to my next chapter.

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