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Behind The Scenes: Meet Our Marketing Manager, Joshua!

Our Behind The Scenes series features the amazing team members at Parcel Perform. This time, we have Joshua, the Marketing Manager from our Singapore office to share his story.

If you chanced upon articles on our blog, it’s probably a piece of work from Joshua. In this article, we find out more about Joshua’s background and what it means to be part of the marketing team in Parcel Perform.

1. Tell us, who is Joshua?

Joshua likes to follow his curiosity. He loves technology and a good book (historical fiction, biographies, and books about the human experience are at the top of his list). Recently finished watching a cooking show as well (Samin Nosrat’s Salt Acid Fat Heat’s series on Netflix made him swoon). Working up a good sweat has also become something he loves doing – He used to be into marathons and triathlons a few years ago, but have since moved into weightlifting and yoga.

2. What attracted you to work with Parcel Perform?

I was intrigued that Parcel Perform was in the e-commerce technology space. I think we can all agree that online shopping has transformed our lives; you can now shop from the comfort of your bedroom or even on-the-go! Figured it was a good opportunity to discover how the logistics space worked and how technology can help bring everything together. Also, having worked with more corporates in my previous roles, I was looking for an opportunity to venture into the startup space, especially one working with customers and partners around the world.

3. What do you do at Parcel Perform?

I started off as the first full-time marketing hire for Parcel Perform, so I handled everything there was to do with marketing – both online and offline. More specifically, my days are split between planning and creating content for our blog, other company communication & social media channels and running digital marketing campaigns to grow the business.

4. How does Marketing and Communications play a role in Parcel Perform?

Well, in a sense we act as an amplifier and communicator for all the fantastic work our teams are up to. We have built a great product and we work our best to let more know more about the value they can get with Parcel Perform – clearly, concisely and honestly. We do this through our website, social media channels, newsletters, conferences, and events, etc.  We also place huge importance on staying updated with the latest in the world of customer experience and e-commerce logistics; distilling these findings into various thought and content pieces on our blog to support e-commerce merchants.

5. How is this different from your previous experiences?

Previously, I came from a marketing agency where my role was more client-facing and in account management. I loved working with companies of different shapes and sizes, but the length of time you get to work with a client and immerse yourself with their business varies widely. In an in-house marketing role like this one, you get to chart the course and be closely involved in a single company’s growth.

6. What kind of skill sets do you think is needed as a Marketing Manager at Parcel Perform?

Self-organization is crucial. As a rapidly growing company, you’ll need to juggle many different roles and project requirements spanning both online and offline. Keeping yourself organized is important to keep your sanity (and your work life happy).

Desire to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the e-commerce industry and in marketing itself is a second critical skill set here. Both the e-commerce landscape and even marketing itself is constantly changing and evolving. Proactively looking for solutions, keeping on top of industry news is needed.

7. If Parcel Perform was a person, who would it be?

They’ll be that energetic, friendly and wise older sibling you’ll want to have.

8. Any cool spots around the office you’d recommend for lunch?

Our Singapore office is located in Chinatown, so choices abound! Some of my favorites:

  • Lanzhou Beef Noodles (Chinatown Point)
  • Old Amoy Cendol (Smith Street Hawker Centre)
  • Joo Chiat Beef King (Chinatown Complex), yeah, I guess you know one of my favorite dishes to eat.

9. Any perks on the job?

You get to work with lots of fired-up, driven yet friendly people around the world across teams while actively seeing your day-to-day contributions to the company.

10. Share a funny anecdote?

We started a funny practice where we’ll create graphics of each team member in different places around the world whenever they go on leave. You’ll have to join us to see how it all started and examples of the images we’ve done… 🙂

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