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Connecting Talents Across Borders, Meet Our HR Managers!

It is time for another episode of Behind The Scenes! This time around, we introduce you to our Human Resources Managers in our Vietnam and Singapore offices; Huy and Janeal respectively. To find out how our HR managers work to connect people across borders, keep on reading!

Tell us more about yourselves

Huy: Hi, I am Huy, the Human Resources Manager of Parcel Perform’s Vietnam office. Professionally, I’m an MBA holder who will be celebrating my 10th working year in 2020. On a personal level, I am the only son to my parents and a father to my only daughter.

Janeal: I’m Janeal and I work in Parcel Perform’s Singapore office. My idea of an ideal holiday is one where there are a plethora of good food options, and where I can experience life like a local at a relaxed pace. I enjoy spending time with family in my free time. 

What drew you to the world of HR? 

Huy: My story with HR started during my second year at University. I joined a student club and I was elected to the leadership board of the Student Union. My very first task was to recruit talents for the Student Union. It was the first time I researched on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test (MBTI) and tried to apply the test on candidates. During the two years with the Student Union, I did administration duties, organized recognition events, conducted development contests and took care of the members just like an HR would.

Janeal: My first major is actually in Psychology! I took a module titled Industrial & Organizational Psychology and that sparked my interest in helping organizations maximize their human resources through a better understanding of their talents’ attitudes and behaviors. I have always been interested in human behavior hence a career in HR seemed like a natural progression to me. 

As the Human Resources Manager of our Singapore and Vietnam teams, what are some of your main responsibilities? Share with us more on your daily routines. 

Huy: My daily routine starts with checking the lunch orders – right quantity and correct orders – and sending them to the tea lady. Then, I move on to screen through various hiring platforms (mostly LinkedIn) to spot any talents or incoming applications. I also work closely with Janeal to build programs and activities for our colleagues. After discussing with the senior team, we implement them.

In Vietnam, I also take part in accounting and bookkeeping because I usually get supplies for the office. If you look at the receipts that I have, you will see that I spent a lot (*laughs*). However, all these supplies satisfy my colleagues’ needs and seeing that it makes them happy makes me happy too. To sum it up, hiring talents and caring for our colleagues are our key priorities.

Janeal: I’m focusing quite heavily on talent acquisition for now, so my current day-to-day consists of screening calls and in-person/video interviews. In a way, I’m witnessing first hand how Parcel Perform is growing and expanding the team – and it’s so exciting to be a part of that! Beyond that, I’m also working on internship positions (check out our Careers site!), recruitment events, and with Huy on an employee handbook and other initiatives to foster the awesome culture that we have here at Parcel Perform.

For me, learning from my colleagues is a personal aspect of my day-to-day too. I appreciate that my colleagues each have unique skill sets and are so open to sharing their knowledge! The passion with which they share is contagious as well. So I made it a personal KPI to learn from them – and it’s been a great learning experience so far. 🙂


How is Parcel Perform different from your previous experiences?

Huy: Being a global company, Parcel Perform is very different from my previous workplaces. At PP, there is a good mix of European and Asian cultures: agile, innovative, fun, caring, and friendly. The diversity that Parcel Perform offers is very helpful as each unique individual has traits for me to learn from. This really motivates me to work harder as I am surrounded by a great team!

Janeal: Each place of employment provides unique and valuable insights into their respective industries. For me, Parcel Perform is my first foray into the tech scene and with it comes a different kind of DNA to work with and look for in our talent acquisition efforts. I must say that it’s been a great experience so far – the team is very fun, vibrant and helpful!

With Parcel Perform expanding globally right now, what are some universal traits you look out for in potential candidates?

Huy: Besides the required skill set, the trait we’d love to see in candidates is the can-do spirit. Working in a fast-paced and diverse environment like ours, our members need to be ready for challenges. When equipped with a can-do mindset, he or she can be adaptive and flexible to overcome obstacles and get tasks done.

Janeal: I agree with Huy! Learning agility, adaptability, passion, and drive – along with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the individual roles are traits I look out for when screening potential candidates.

What do you think is the most important set of skills that a Human Resources Manager (HRM) should possess?

Huy: In my opinion, the mission of HR is to ensure employee satisfaction. A good HRM has great empathy for others and the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. The HRM also needs to be resourceful and respond to the team members’ needs and queries proactively despite any complications and limitations involved. 

Janeal: For me, being in HR means having to look out for both the company and the employees’ interests. As such, I would say that an important skill to have is to balance between being compassionate and rational – to achieve a feasible win-win situation for both parties.

As HR Managers from two different countries, how do you communicate effectively? Share with us some of your best practices.

Huy: Perhaps we understand each other well enough that we do not need to communicate (haha). With the help of technology, we are able to drive efficiency in our work since there are so many different platforms that allow us to coordinate (e.g. Google Team, Slack, Google Sheets, and Google Docs). I’m just trying to tell you that we talk to each other a lot to ensure productivity.

Janeal: Hahaha I agree with Huy! Huy has been so helpful since the first day I joined, and I’d like to think that we make a great team thanks to the constant interactions despite being in different offices geographically. We also have weekly HR calls to keep each other abreast of matters in Singapore and Vietnam. 


What are some misconceptions about the HR role you’ve encountered?

Huy: Many see HR as “just another office job”, however it is more than that. As HR personnel, we have to be strategic at all times. Many organizations stress on “putting people first” because of the significantly high returns on performance, and it is the HR’s responsibility to drive this change in focus.  We are working on expanding the concept of “Employee Experience” to improve the experience of employees throughout their journey with Parcel Perform.

Janeal: Yeah, I get a little saddened when people think of HR as a purely administrative role. Sure, there is an administrative element (as do most jobs) but HR is strategic too! I am very thankful that Parcel Perform recognizes this. Huy and I are also in a position to make strategic contributions in terms of how we hire, engage, retain and foster the culture at Parcel Perform.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Huy: In my childhood, I loved Spiderman and wanted to swing around freely like him. But now I would choose the superpower of Professor X so that I could read other people’s minds. It would be very helpful for the HR job.

Janeal: Healing powers! I’d like everyone to be healthy and happy. 🙂

Thanks to our amazing HR Managers, Parcel Perform is able to operate smoothly with the best talents on board. If you enjoyed this post, check some of our other teammate features here, or go on to our LinkedIn page to stay updated with the latest news in Parcel Perform.