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Behind The Scenes: Meet Our Marketing Interns Stanley and Kimberly.

Curious to see what an internship or working in Parcel Perform is like? 

We got two of our interns Stanley and Kimberly in the marketing department to share more about their experience over the last three months. They both played important roles within the department and each oversaw key projects of their own during their time here. 

Watch their videos here, or read a transcript below. 




Hey everyone, my name is Stanley and I am a Marketing and Communications intern here at Parcel Perform. Over here, I oversee two big projects; one which is the newsletter refresh. This is to help serve our existing customers better. Two, I researched and drafted out Google Ad campaigns to help increase our reach. 

In between these projects, I had the chance to create a webinar from scratch. Aside from that, I got to interview key opinion leaders during the LogiSYM conference which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

This right here is our office with a few different islands; the Product team’s island, the Sales team island and last but not least, the Marketing team island where I belong. And this is where I sit, far away from the rest of the team, simply because I am using a different laptop brand. I’m kidding.

But in all honesty, both my in-charge which includes Cheryl, the head of the Marketing department, as well as Joshua, my Marketing Manager made me feel at home very quickly. Aside from allowing me to voice my opinions, they guided me with lots of patience and they don’t just treat me like any other intern who is at the bottom of the hierarchy. Instead, they put me in a safe environment to grow, make mistakes and learn from them. 

Occasionally, all the members of the Marketing team will come together to have a meeting. This includes the other Marketing intern, Kim, the Senior Digital Designer, Lloyd, and our newest member Gelien, the Events Executive! 

The company culture at Parcel Perform is also very warm and collaborative, compared to other companies of a similar size. For example at 10 AM sharp every day, we would do a stand-up. This is where everyone would come together and each of us gets to share the tasks on hand for the day. 

We can also take the chance to remind or request anything we require from each other on the spot. Every Friday at 5 pm, we also have Retrospective, whereby everyone in the office would gather and share about things that occurred in the week over beer and snacks. 

Also, between you and me, we also have a “Bao” run at 4 pm daily to help us replenish our mid-day hunger within the Marketing team. The baos are bought with the “Bao” fund which is chipped in by everyone whenever we have spare change. 

In conclusion, this internship has not only confirmed my future career path. It has also taught me how to learn even when I’m not in school. The collaborative and family company culture, along with the fact that I was blessed with two great mentors is what I love the most working here in Parcel Perform.


Hi! I’m Kimberly and I’m currently a year three student at Singapore Management University. Throughout my summer break, I actually wanted to explore Digital Marketing as well as Social Media Management. So I applied for a role here at Parcel Perform! 

My main projects here are to manage the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts with the aim of increasing the company’s brand awareness online. On the side, I also do some designing of company collaterals and production and post-production of photos and video footage. 

Come! Let me introduce you to my team! 

Hi! I am Cheryl. Hi, I am Joshua. Hey! I am Lloyd. Hi, I’m Gelien, Stanley my name is hi… And this is the marketing team! My bosses always gave me full autonomy and trust but also made sure that I was on the right track with my tasks. 

We have many opportunities for team bonding, such as our weekly team lunches. “Hi!! We’re going for lunch now!” Our periodic team breakfasts and our Retrospective gatherings every Friday, where we’ll talk about our week over some beer and some snacks. 

While most of my friends go after companies with big names, I wanted to explore how it was like working in a relatively smaller team and I’m glad I made this decision because of the great memories and even greater friends that I’ve made. 

I hope the next stage of my journey will be as impactful as my time here has been.

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