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Behind the Scenes: Meet our Product Manager, Jiamin

In this next edition of our Behind The Scenes series, our sister company, Parcel Monitor takes the centre stage. Today we speak to one of the main members behind the Parcel Monitor community, Jiamin! Outside of work, Jiamin is also a plant-lover and was kind enough to give us a sneak peek of her collection of over 200 plants! Read on!

In today’s Behind the Scene feature, we have Jiamin who will be sharing with us snippets of her daily routine as a Product Manager at Parcel Perform. She leads the community building initiatives and direction for our sister community site Parcel Monitor as a Product Manager and has played a key role in making the community what it is today. Outside of work, Jiamin is also a plant-lover and was kind enough to give us a sneak peek of her collection of over 200 plants. Read on!

1.  Who is Jiamin in your own words?

Jiamin: A (ex-)lawyer who was extremely drawn to technology and decided to take the leap which led me to join Parcel Perform as a Product Manager a year ago. It’s been almost 4 years since my shift to the technology industry and it  continues to captivate me today. 

Outside of work, I love plants, languages and travelling. My husband and I have a collection of over 200+ plants, and spend almost every weekend gardening. I’ve always enjoyed languages and have been studying the Japanese language for more than 6 years. It was relatively easy to assimilate into Japan’s culture as I spent most of my holidays in Japan before COVID. It was also a great way for me to sharpen my language in Japanese as I get to converse with the locals. I foresee myself taking up another language in 2021!

2.  What does a typical day look like for you at Parcel Perform and what are you currently working on?


Jiamin:  I always start my day with a stand-up with the whole Singapore team. To prepare for my day I follow these three steps.

  1. Trello (to check my to-dos), 
  2. Google Calendar (to see what meetings I have)
  3. Slack (to catch up on internal discussions) 

Apart from this, there’s really no typical day for me at Parcel Perform! Every day is different. But one thing is for sure: I’m always working on ways to grow the Parcel Monitor Community and improve the platform for our users.  

Something I’m currently working on is improving the user signup experience on our website. I am extremely stoked to see the positive impact on our user signups once it’s been implemented! 

P.S If you’re reading this and have any feedback on how we can improve, feel free to reach out. 🙂 

3.  Can you share some tips and tricks of a Product Manager that have worked well for you?


Jiamin: I believe there are other experienced Product Managers out there with their own tips and tricks, but here are some tips which have worked well for me! 

  • Being really clear of the goal(s) you want to achieve. This helps me to focus on what should be prioritised and what needs to be worked on immediately. 
  • Organise your work at the start of each day. With multiple things to work on, it’s easy to fall into the multitasking ‘hole’ of trying to accomplish many things at once (and end up completing none). I typically segment my day into ‘quick tasks’, more complex tasks (which require a couple of hours) and meetings. 
  • Close all your windows and tabs at the end of each day, especially if you tend to have multiple tabs and windows opened (like me). I find that this helps to ‘reset’ your mind and start the next day refreshed. 

4.  You mention you are a plant collector. Which plant would you closely associate yourself to and why?


Jiamin: I must say this is a pretty difficult question – I love plants and there are just so many species and varieties to choose from! 

The plant would be the Sinningia Leucotricha (also known as “Queen of the Abyss”). Her common name originates from her natural environment; she grows in crevices on rocks, cliffs and steep hillsides. In other words, the Queen of the Abyss is a hardy plant that can pretty much thrive in difficult conditions. 

The personality of a Sinningia Leucotricha resonates with me, I believe that every challenging situation or circumstance presents an opportunity for growth. With lots of hard work, perseverance and grit of course! 

Psst… here’s a sneak peek of Jiamin’s plant collection!

5.  How is working at Parcel Perform different from your previous experience?

Jiamin: Definitely the culture. The Parcel Perform team is extremely warm and welcoming, and also very diverse in terms of cultures and interests! 

6.  You were in Australia last February last year for the launch of the Parcel Monitor Community. What was the main motivation behind setting up the Parcel Monitor Community, and how things have progressed since then? 


Jiamin: Yes, time really flew by huh! 

The motivation behind the launch of the Parcel Monitor Community is a really interesting one. Since 2016, Parcel Monitor has been providing real-time shipment tracking updates to millions of end-consumers and an avenue for them to provide feedback about their experience. 

With a treasure trove of parcel data amassed on the platform; from logistics performance, delivery timings to carrier ratings, we wanted to make these insights open and accessible to the e-commerce logistics ecosystem. With that, we decided to launch a community on top of Parcel Monitor, where not only users can track their parcels, but also acquire new industry knowledge for their professional development. You can read more about the event in Australia where we did a soft launch for our community site here!

For the first quarter of 2020, our team was really focused in laying the foundations right for the Parcel Monitor Community. With less than 2 months from conceptualisation to launch,we were determined in achieving our goals we have set from the start.. For instance, key features to be enhanced  for the community website; determining our direction towards content marketing strategy; and what insights we wanted to share from a data perspective to the community.

Since then, we’ve seen a steady growth in signups on our website and followers on our LinkedIn page. With the processes in place, our team is now focusing on doubling (or tripling) on that growth this year. Do keep a lookout for the exciting new initiatives we have in store 😉 

7.  How would you describe the Parcel Monitor Community in one sentence?


Jiamin: Parcel Monitor is the global knowledge-sharing community dedicated to e-commerce logistics for professionals to learn, grow and collaborate. Join the community and become a member! 

8.  A motto or personal mantra to end off?

Jiamin: To live a life with no regrets and leave no opportunity for me to say “I should have”. 

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