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A Message From Our Founders Reflecting on 2020

In this article, our founders Arne Jeroschewski and Dana von der Heide reflect on Parcel Perform’s journey throughout 2020. 

In this article, our founders Arne Jeroschewski  and Dana von der Heide reflect on Parcel Perform’s journey throughout 2020. 

Dear employees, customers and all supporters of Parcel Perform, 

What a year it’s been – we wanted to take the chance to reach out now at the end of 2020 and give everyone a little bit of an update – but most importantly thank all of our employees, customers and supporters. 

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for everyone and we have been very fortunate to first of all be able to share that our Parcel Perform team was not directly affected by the COVID situation. Secondly, the e-Commerce boom has made this year a great business success for us and our customers. 

We deployed one major feature release every two months across the year for our product

Service Level Agreement metric calculations 

Customised SLA metrics to provide real-time calculations on SLA compliance on individual parcels and meet your specific needs. SLA performance can be assessed overall and on a per-parcel basis with countless filtering options available such as location (trade lane), timeframe, carrier, parcel type, weight and many more. 

Continuous evolution of our Parcel Details feature with shareable bookmarks, tags and filters 

Make your Parcel Overview workspace your own; Easily add, remove and drag & drop columns within the Parcel Overview to quickly organise your parcels for quicker viewing and action. We also introduced bookmarks to save reports for easy reference and collaborate with your team. 

We also did a second update to our Parcel Details feature this November, adding in a new UI enabling you to multitask, view even more data fields and more. Our Senior Product Manager Cris also conducted a live demo of this feature for our customers which saw an amazing turnout from everyone. Thank you for your participation and support. 

Introduced SMS delivery notifications to the Notification Centre 

In April, we introduced SMS as an additional channel within our Notification Centre for customised, on-brand delivery notifications. SMS is a high engagement channel to ensure delivery success, communicate time-sensitive information and manage customer expectations on delivery dates across over 210 countries. 

A major winner with customers: our Premium Tracking Page as an enhancement to our Tracking Experience module 

The biggest update to our Tracking Experience module, we’ve redesigned how the tracking page looks like, embedding a whole lot of new enhancements to better engage your customers after checkout: Some of our customers like Decathlon, IZIPIZI and Nespresso have already made the leap to use the Premium Tracking Page.

Pioneered our new Date of Arrival Predictions Engine using Machine Learning technology 

We partnered with Amazon Web Services’s Machine Learning Solutions Lab to develop our Date of Arrival Predictions Engine (DAP) to tell your customers when their parcels will arrive, not just where it is in transit. 

With machine learning technology, you can now answer your customer’s most pertinent questions; how many days until a parcel arrives? How much longer will my parcel take to deliver if there are delivery issues? With DAP, you can answer all these questions and provide meaningful updates automatically, and more. 

Beyond many new product releases, we also saw tremendous growth on the team and won many new customers.

Besides growing our team across our offices in Singapore, Vietnam and Germany, we also enabled 24-hour, round-the-clock support on weekdays for our customers via live chat, ensuring our customers are fully supported during working hours around the globe. 

Our customer portfolio has gone international! We now work with clients truly around the globe – from Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and South America. We now also serve multiple verticals; from sports, fashion, lifestyle, coffee and furniture. 

We wish all our employees, customers and supporters a safe and restful break over the holiday season and we look forward to 2021! 

As always, if you have any questions on how best to use our product to support your business growth, reach out to us via email or speak to your Key Account Manager.

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