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3 Ways Parcel Perform’s Tracking API Can Help You Save Valuable Time On Parcel Tracking

As e-Commerce merchants, time is your most valuable resource.

And if you’re handling delivery requests and orders from customers all over the world, you’re spending a lot of time managing this process.

We understand that and we want to help you save valuable time on monitoring tracking updates and keeping up with customer inquiries so you can focus on growing your e-Commerce store.

What if there was a way to automatically transmit all your tracking data across your carrier network into your system with minimal effort? The good news is: there is!

With our tracking API and webhooks, you can easily integrate all our powerful tracking capabilities to your e-commerce business in a few clicks.

Here are just some of the things our tracking API can do for you:

1. Make complex tracking data easy to understand and in a single format

If every carrier you work with has its own way of displaying and communicating tracking data to you, how much time will you be spending to view, understand and interpret data from all your different carriers?

Not to mention the potential cost of miscommunications and misinterpretation of data  – this is all time and money that is better spent elsewhere driving your business.

With our tracking API supporting over 600 carriers, we standardize tracking data into an easy-to-understand format across all your carriers for you to easily gather and interpret. Not to worry, just because it’s standardized data doesn’t mean much-needed details will be lost – tracking event data from your carriers will be standardized and mapped to our 120+ standard tracking event types.

Now you can easily create logistics reports for your colleagues or for yourself to analyze and understand your logistics carrier setup.

2. Automatically provide tracking updates to all your customers in 30+ languages

When your customers come from all over the world, speaking their language not only makes them more comfortable with your shop, it also has the potential to boost sales. Did you know 75% of shoppers are more likely to purchase products with information in their native language?

Imagine what happens if you can provide tracking updates in your customer’s preferred language. You immediately communicate to your customer that you care for them and have taken the time and effort to adjust to their needs.

This is an excellent customer experience. And we can provide this in minutes through our tracking API by sending tracking updates in over 30 languages auto-converted into your customer’s local time zone.

3. Get tracking updates in real-time and keep your customers proactively updated on their parcels.

As we’ve mentioned before in our whitepaper, customer expectations are rising.

93% of shoppers expect to receive proactive shipment and delivery updates from their shop and check an item’s order status at least once a day. Customers want to know where their parcels but don’t want to check their parcel status themselves.

With our tracking API, you can meet and even surpass these expectations. Once integrated, our tracking API provides full visibility on your parcel’s delivery journey across all your carriers. Easily get webhook push notifications from our tracking API to send automated tracking updates via email, SMS, and social media to all your customers.

Interested to learn more about our tracking API?

We’ll get you set up and optimizing your e-Commerce logistics setup in minutes!

Simply leave us your email address with one of our 600+ carrier pages like DHL, UPS or FedEx, and we’ll be sending across our API docs.