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Next-level Co-Pilot for your E-commerce Operations

Rethink business management. Supercharge your decision intelligence with tailored, AI-powered, real-time insights.

Rethink business management. Supercharge your decision intelligence with tailored, AI-powered, real-time insights with Parcel Perform e-commerce co-pilot.


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You’ve mastered the e-commerce essentials. But are you still struggling with reactive management? Make proactive, intelligent decisions for peak business performance your competitive advantage.

Achieve true excellence in e-commerce
You’ve mastered the e-commerce essentials, but still struggling with reactive, silo management? Make ambitious aspirations and proactive decisions your competitive advantage.

Order Performance Aspirations that go beyond carrier SLAs

Stay on top of your highest aspirations and excel at every stage of an order’s lifecycle

  • Set and track ambitious, company-wide aspirations holistically on a single platform
  • Translate your unique processes into measurable aspirations
  • Proactively act on breached aspirations with intel from real-time calculations
Push the limits on business targets
Set and track company wide aspirations on a single platform and proactively act on breached aspirations.
  • Order Performance Framework

    Track business aspirations across multiple e-commerce milestones

  • Flexible Aspirations Setting

    Create precise aspirations with performance thresholds and parameters

  • Real-Time Assessment

    Get instant insights that help maintain service levels and customer satisfaction

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts for peace of mind

An AI-powered control tower that keeps you ahead of issues and safeguards customer experiences

  • Proactively detect and resolve warning signs before they escalate into complaints
  • No-fuss alert management seamlessly integrated with your e-commerce operations
  • Zoom in on critical issues with alert notifications sent straight to your inbox
Take control of e-commerce issues
An AI-powered control tower that keeps you ahead of issues and safeguards customer experiences by proactively detecting and alerting customer warning signs
  • Limitless Alerting Capabilities

    30+ alert metrics for precise monitoring of all potential e-commerce issues

  • AI & Data-Driven Alert Setup

    Dive straight into troubleshooting with AI-recommended alerts, curated for you

  • Easy Operations Control

    Track alert trends, investigate breach reasons, and mute alerts

Turnkey Business Intelligence to power smarter decisions

Get a 360° view of harmonized delivery data in your bespoke, industry-tailored dashboards

  • Analyze the Post-Purchase, Checkout, Returns, Logistics Experience, or all at once
  • Navigate your e-commerce challenges with pre-built and fully customizable reports
  • Break data silos and unify insights from logistics, support, and e-commerce teams
Fuel data-driven business management
A 360° view of harmonized post-purchase data in bespoke dashboards.
  • End-to-End Harmonized Data

    Data analysis out-of-the-box – no additional data integration or transformation needed

  • Report Templates

    Measure e-commerce performance from day 1 with expertly tailored insights

  • Seamless Collaboration

    Empower cross-functional decision-making with easy, one-click report sharing

Why Parcel Perform's E-Commerce Co-Pilot is right for you

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Onboarding Workshop

Define metrics and monitoring conditions based on your unique business use cases

Customize Your Experience with Parcel Perform Co-pilot

Customize Your Experience

We test and configure order performance aspirations, alerts, and intelligence reports

Expert guidance on how to manage and modify aspirations, alerts, and reports with Parcel Perform

Platform Training

Expert guidance on how to manage and modify aspirations, alerts, and reports

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The Nile Group - David Prichard
David Prichard

Director of Customer Service & Operations at The Nile Group

"Parcel Perform has been integral in providing us with full shipment transparency. Their platform is highly customisable in terms of filters and provides us with the ability to extract the exact data we need for greater clarity into our delivery operations. "
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Rethink business management. Supercharge your decisions with tailored data & AI. Tap on real-time actionable insights.

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