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Upgrade to a Next-Gen Post-Purchase Experience

Turn delivery pitfalls into happy moments and unhappy customers into loyal ones. Stop the WISMO madness. Make upselling happen.

Turn pitfalls into happy moments and unhappy customers into loyal ones. Stop the WISMO madness with Parcel Perform's Post-Purchase Experience.


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While 80% of e-commerce customers enjoy smooth deliveries, 20% experience delivery pitfalls that cause businesses major headaches: bad reviews, angry complaints, and costly service recovery.

Upgrade your post-purchase journey
80% of e-commerce customers are on the happy path. However, 20% face delivery pitfalls that cause businesses major headaches: bad reviews, angry complaints, and costly service recovery.

Industry-Leading Carrier Data Foundation for unmatched data clarity

The most complete, AI-driven data infrastructure to tackle painful post-purchase problems

  • Unlock e-commerce efficiency with all logistics data integrated into one platform
  • Empower your teams to turn 25+ delivery pitfalls into positive customer interactions
  • Leave no order untracked with AI-enhanced carrier identification
Harness best-in-class data
Parcel Perform has Industry-Leading Carrier Data Foundation for unmatched data clarity
  • 1,078+ Multi-Source Carriers

    Track 100% of your shipments with fast, reliable integration with any carrier

  • AI-Powered Data Harmonization

    Untangle the carrier data mess and track orders confidently with precise delivery insights

  • Proactive Customer Service

    Narrow down and resolve WISMO issues on the spot with complete order visibility

Premium Tracking Page for a top-tier customer experience

Elevate satisfaction, trust, and sales with an integrated, perfectly branded tracking widget

  • Reduce costly WISMO inquiries and lighten workload for customer care teams
  • Boost the bottom line through your most visited page with seamless branding
  • Turn frustrations into smiles with clear delivery updates adapted to 25+ pitfalls
Activate VIP tracking
Parcel Perform's post-purchase experience Premium Tracking Page that provides top tier customer experience
  • Integrated End-to-End

    Keep customers on your website at all times from checkout to delivery, to returns

  • Hyper-Configurable

    Impress, get ratings, and promote new products with a limitless tracking widget of 120+ options

  • Plug-and-Play Widget

    Launch your seamless, bespoke tracking experience in less than 2 weeks

Wow-Factor Notifications for maximum customer engagement

Keep customers close to your brand during all moments that matter, especially the unexpected

  • Drive brand-first upselling and repeat purchases with personalized campaigns
  • Own all post-purchase communications and filter out distracting carrier updates
  • Perfect your notifications strategy in an expert-led workshop on delivery pitfalls
Delight every customer
Parcel Perform post-purchase branded notification for customer Puma, showing proactive notifications for delivery delay
  • 88+ Delivery Triggers

    Proactively update customers of all critical delivery pitfalls along the journey

  • Carrier-Optimized

    Curate a best-fit notifications flow for every carrier

  • Best-Practice Templates

    Get a head start with conversion-optimized templates curated to fit your use cases

We are here to support your‎ post-purchase success

Parcel Perform post-purchase experience onboarding workshop

Onboarding Workshop

We dive deep into your business use cases and system workflows to align on integration strategy

Parcel Perform customizable Post purchase experience

Customize Your Experience

We configure data integration, tracking page, and notification design exactly to your needs

Parcel Perform post-purchase experience go-live.

Test, Go-Live, Optimize

Hassle-free launch with a dedicated team that manages testing and monitoring

Get started

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Johannes Kliesch

Founder of SNOCKS

"The competition in our market is extremely high so customer retention is a huge topic for us – not just in terms of cost consideration – it’s the basis for us to grow our business. By curating a unique delivery experience we were able to increase our customer retention rate by 20%."
Parcel Perform SNOCKS Customer
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Your path to loyalty begins  with the Parcel Perform Post‑Purchase Experience

Partner with us to build a seamless delivery experience.

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