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PREDICT | Date of Arrival Predictions

Know exactly when parcels will arrive upon checkout

PREDICT | Date of Arrival Predictions

Know exactly when parcels will arrive upon checkout

Most customers eagerly want to know when exactly their parcels will arrive - best case already at checkout. With Parcel Perform’s machine learning engine we can now provide you with an accurate date of arrival, even before the last mile starts.

Why you'll love it

Improve checkout conversion rates

Improve checkout conversion rates

Earn trust with accurate date of arrival predictions upon checkout.

Quick communication

Communicate what customers want to know

Focus your communication on data insights that your customers appreciate.

Stand out from the competition

Differentiate your brand from market competition

Use the first of its kind machine learning prediction engine to stay competitive.

Improve customer checkout rate with accurate date of arrival predictions

Give customers an informed choice at checkout

Parcel Perform platform showing three shipping options - Premium, Standard Delivery, and Free.
Inform customers of accurate delivery date
Customers are more likely to hit checkout if they know when their order will arrive. Provide a specific day of delivery for a better checkout experience.
Unlock a transparent delivery journey
EDDs are dependent on carrier updates. Our checkout prediction gives customers the confidence they know from companies like Amazon.
High accuracy to build trust
Our Machine Learning Algorithm factors in your specific internal processes such as warehousing and specific cutoff times for delivery destinations.

Offer proactive delivery updates

Parcel Perform customer Nespresso's delivery update with collection details and buttons to track or reschedule delivery
Create confidence with customers
Create powerful touch-points with regular updates to keep customers in the loop. These updates have open rates of more than 80%.
Communicate before delays occur
In the event internal processes take longer than anticipated, our algorithm immediately re-calibrates and adjusts the prediction.
Generate anticipation around arrival
Leverage notifications on the day of parcel arrival as opportunities for personalized and relevant engagement with your customers.

Improve your internal processes and carrier selection

Parcel Perform parcel overview page showing an order with a carrier delivery issue
Machine learning tool identifies delays
Our analytics tools measure the variety of your internal processes to create opportunities to shorten your delivery time.
Reduce failed deliveries
Failed deliveries contribute to customer dissatisfaction and additional costs. Our machine learning insights identify how to avoid them.

The most comprehensive data set

Parcel Perform machine learning algorithm using carrier, order, and location data to predict accurate date of arrival.
Comprehensive data and standardization
Data mapped across 1,045+ carriers, with 100 million updates every day providing the best data set for machine learning applications.
The right logistics expertise
Parcel Perform’s expertise in logistics data provides a comprehensive understanding of the industry.
Applied to your specific data
Parcel Perform's prediction combines your specific order and warehousing data with our insights to create individual prediction models for you.

Built on continuously learning algorithms

Parcel Perform tracking notification with statistics showing 90% tracking accuracy and better data quality over time.
Achieve up to 90% accuracy
Greater data collection at checkout leads to higher initial Date of Arrival Prediction. Achieving up to 90% accuracy is easy.
Round-the-clock learning algorithm
Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm continuously improves over time. Higher data volumes lead to better data quality.

Developed together with Amazon Web Services

Illustration of Parcel Perform and Amazon Web Services developing the ML-powered date of arrival prediction engine together
The legacy of AWS X Parcel Perform
Parcel Perform’s Date of Arrival Prediction engine is developed in partnership with Amazon Web Services Machine Learning Solution Lab
A collaboration of data excellence
Combining Parcel Perform’s logistics data and domain expertise with AWS’s expertise in big data machine learning applications to produce best-in-class delivery date predictions

The right platform for all your teams

The right platform for all your teams

Logistics Leaders

Improve your rate of successful deliveries and reduce delivery cost. Let your customers know when to be available to receive their deliveries.

E-commerce Experts

Customers like to know when their orders will arrive. Increase checkout conversion rates by providing accurate delivery date predictions.

3,000+ of the world's best brands, marketplaces, carriers and B2B shippers chose to work with us

Parcel Perform Customer Expondo
Parcel Perform Customer Expondo Florian Gerlach
Florian Gerlach
Chief Operating Officer of Expondo
"Parcel Perform has helped us provide our customers with significantly more accurate estimated delivery times at checkout. We’ve seen a tremendous 9.7% improvement in our NPS score and can really see how customer satisfaction is driven through a better delivery experience."
Parcel Perform Customer Expondo
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