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RATE | Customer Feedback Tool

Grow your brand through valuable customer feedback

RATE | Customer Feedback Tool

Grow your brand through valuable customer feedback

Collect valuable ratings and feedback from your customers through your order tracking pages and notifications. Analyze customer feedback in context with actual delivery issues to improve delivery experiences and boost your NPS.

Why you'll love it

Customer data

Gather valuable insights in the delivery journey

Uncover your customer’s true sentiments and feedback at the right moment in the delivery journey.

Personalized tracking widget

Customize your rating survey to suit your goals

Ask for feedback in the most meaningful areas: for your product, services or logistics setup.

Stand out from the competition

Continuously improve your brand’s success

Leverage feedback to optimize the delivery experience and boost customer retention.

Leverage the delivery journey to gain valuable customer feedback

Collect 5-star ratings on every delivery journey

Timing is everything
Gather ratings at the right stage for every delivery journey. Catch customers when they are happiest - just after their shipment was successfully delivered.
Smarter collection flow
Continuously collect feedback and automate your requests - even 2, 4, 8 or more hours after successful delivery.
Make it easy for customers
Integrate the ratings widget in your shipment tracking pages. Send a request via email or SMS notifications for higher response rates.

Configure your ratings with complete control and flexibility

Tailored for your business
Request a rating for your product, delivery journey, logistics partner or service experience - you decide what you want to ask consumers.
Define your objective
Flexible ratings set in alignment with your goals. Measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer effort score (CES), or customize your survey on a 5-point scale.
Collect the best quality data
Get objective data with a scale of 1 to 5 stars and configurable categories, and capture contextual feedback with detailed customer comments in open text fields.

Power your decision-making with customer rate data

Visibility for service teams
View customer ratings, rating categories and comments in the shipment overview to keep your internal teams in the loop.
Build actionable workflows
Filter and sort shipments that received a below-target rating to investigate and take action.
Customer review analytics
Slice and dice ratings data to measure response rates and analyze carrier performance in the context of customer sentiments.

Grow your brand value with the help of your customers

Boost your brand conversion
Gain meaningful insights through ratings and identify frictions. Do more of what your customers love about your brand.
Optimize carrier selection
Combine logistics cost breakdowns, actual performance data and customer sentiment to make data-driven decisions for the best carrier partnerships.
Drive up your NPS score
Send notifications at the perfect time to collect meaningful reviews and resolve issues by offering customers a remedial discount voucher or extra service.

Maximize your Revenue Potential this Peak Season

Watch this webinar and tap into the power of CLV-driven cost savings.

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Set your teams up for success

Set your teams up for success

E-commerce Experts

Leverage ratings as additional touchpoints to engage with your customers and improve the delivery experience from order creation to returns

Logistics Leaders

Utilize powerful customer feedback to discover how you can optimize carrier selection for cost savings and efficient logistics operations.

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Parcel Perform Customer Nespresso Davide Costella
Davide Costella
Global Delivery Services Manager at Nespresso
"Tracking assistance is one of the top reasons for customer queries. In some markets, we have seen a 45% decrease of such calls. Customers also revisit the track & trace webpage 4-6 times during the delivery journey, proving it is an essential feature to boost customer experience."
Parcel Perform Nespresso Global Customer
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