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The platform built for e-commerce enterprises

The platform built for e-commerce enterprises

Parcel Perform is a industry-leading delivery experience solution that uses the power of data to drive tracking accuracy, process automation, and cost control–helping your business achieve results in 30 days or less.

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increase in customer lifetime value

Global carriers


reduction of last mile logistics costs

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Achieving success for e-commerce businesses worldwide

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Procurement teams - every order counts.

The delivery platform trusted by industry leaders

At Parcel Perform, we take pride in serving some of the largest e-commerce enterprises. Our clients depend on our extremely reliable, and highly scalable platform to complete their e-commerce journeys with the most seamless delivery experience possible.

Serving 2000+ e-commerce enterprises globally

Established in 2016, with presence in Europe, US, Vietnam, and Singapore

Consistently superior in feature-to-feature comparisons

Achieve success with Parcel Perform
Fulfill immediate and future objectives fast with effortless integration

Effortless integration that accelerates success

In 30 days or less, your business can start using delivery data from 1,045+ carriers, e-commerce platforms, and 3PL providers. Get tracking and process automation that improves logistics performance, customer service efficiency, and customer experience.

Integrates with leading e-commerce platforms, customer service systems, and OMS, TMS, WMS software

Logistics data from over 1,045+ carriers and logistics providers

Real-time sharing of data between integrated systems

Improve logistics performance across the board
Streamline operations with a fully customizable platform that simply fits

Customizable to fit any e-commerce business

Like any cloud-based solution, Parcel Perform’s platform is built to fit any e-commerce business model. It is also fully customizable with a wide range of capability modules that help accelerate the business toward its customer experience goals.

All the features and functionalities needed to enhance post-checkout experience and processes end-to-end

Cross-functional modules generate data synergies from different teams to offer the highest-quality data insights

Features can be added instantly and customized as business requirements grow and evolve

Customize our platform to fit your business

Download our solution brief

Discover what Parcel Perform can do for your business.

Unlock exceptional results with 24h personalized support in any region

24h available and personalized support

The Parcel Perform platform is anchored by its robust support system. Our team of logistics and data experts are always on hand to provide the strong support your business needs to maximize adoption, and productivity–resulting in immediate cost savings.

24h, global, and highly responsive live customer support for technical and UX issues

Customer support team comprises technology experts that resolve issues fast

Dedicated Key Account Manager and training workshops for fast onboarding and continuous success

Experience our exceptional customer service
Maximize user adoption with customizable platform that’s always ready

Flexible platform that fits any use case

Each team in your enterprise uses tracking data differently. That makes user and account management a key feature that lets you define how, what, and which users can access the data. Doing so can help streamline the process and mitigate security risks.

Unlimited free users, advanced access and UI rights management

Streamlined access to the platform, and enhanced compliance with data privacy laws

Nested accounts available for different business units and markets

Extend platform benefits to your entire organization
Make customer trust and confidence one of your biggest business advantages

Enterprise-grade platform security and reliability

Data security is key to e-commerce success. Our platform inherits security from our cloud provider. It is also actively secured in our environment using internationally-recognized benchmarks and compliant with some of the strictest privacy laws globally.

Parcel Perform is ISO 27001 certified by TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd

Your business and customers are protected by the platform’s full GDPR compliance

High platform reliability with 99.9% uptime

Reduce your risks with a secure delivery platform

One platform where every order counts.

Parcel Perform - One platform where every order counts.
For e-commerce merchants and marketplaces in pursuit of growth in a global, competitive economy, every order counts.

Parcel Perform is a team of logistics and data experts setting the bar for the delivery experience from pre-checkout to returns.

By harnessing the power of data and integrations our platform helps businesses improve customer lifetime value, lower logistics costs, and advance customer service operations, fuelling growth and expansion.

With Parcel Perform, e-commerce businesses can now make every order, every shipment, and every loyal customer count.

Start Fast, Win Faster

Efficient workflows

Go-live < 30days

Enterprise-ready platform built to integrate with your existing systems quickly and effectively.

Increase e-commerce sales and promote brand loyalty

10-20 x ROI

Massive cost savings, and operation improvements widen your profit margins


Time-to-value < 90 days

Powerful data-driven features deliver expected results the moment you start using them.

We can meet your unique requirements.

Send us your RFQ, and we'll collaborate with you to do a thorough analysis of your company's needs.

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Learn more about the delivery experience

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