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Just Released: New Add-On To Manage Your Resources During Peak Season

We’re introducing a new, sleek interface to help manage users within your Parcel Perform account.

With peak season looming, retailers have a lot on their minds. 

Did I forecast the right inventory and sales? Do I have enough customer service manpower to cope with the high traffic? Can my IT infrastructure manage the spike in traffic? 

This is a high-stress season for retailers but if you’re a Parcel Perform customer administrating your organization’s account, you can make the peak season easier to manage and in fact, exceptionally rewarding.

Today, we’re introducing a new, sleek interface to help manage users within your Parcel Perform account. Available as an add-on, this update is designed to help account administrators manage the manpower complexities of the peak season. 

What’s new at a glance: 

  1. A new way to manage users, add user roles and manage the view/edit permissions of each user within the account.
  2.  An enhanced, more intuitive user overview and user profile page design. 
  3. You can now assign parcels of specific carriers or parcel tags to Customer Service users while leaving the rest of the account data untouched. 

The User Overview now has a search and filter tab to quickly manage users

Now you can get a quick overview of all users within your Parcel Perform account! Use our filters to sort users by account status (whether Active, Disabled or Inactive) or by their assigned user roles. Simply click on change filters to customize the filters to your desired needs.

User Management 1

An enhanced user management logic and role structure to manage large numbers of users with ease

We’ve renamed our user roles in line with our product names for easier reference.

Administrators can configure these settings in Account Settings -> Users menu 

Tracking Experience 

This is a new user role that allows users to manage, view and edit your account’s Tracking Experiences. 

Tip: Add your marketing team as a Tracking Experience user – they can leverage this high-conversion rate to run retargeting, upselling or customer loyalty campaigns.

Logistics Intelligence 

This replaces the existing Parcel Analytics role.

Tip: Add your logistics managers as a Logistics Intelligence user and let them analyze if your carriers are performing according to their SLA.

Customer Service Toolkit

For users with Customer Service access rights, you can now assign either view and edit rights or view rights only to a user, allowing you full control over your account.

Tip: Provide ‘view rights only’ to your casual/temporary/part-time Customer Service agents and allow them to use the platform to answer queries around parcel statuses. 

What’s more, you can further segment permissions by parcel tags or carrier references. By default, a user can view all parcels in the account unless otherwise specified. However, if parcel tags and/or carriers are selected, the user will only be able to view the parcels with one of these tags or carriers that you define.

User Management 2

Tip: If you’re a global/regional office managing multiple markets, you can allow specific permissions to country users by parcel tags or local carrier references.

User Management 3

How can you use this new functionality for your business? Some suggestions.

  1. Streamline user management for your Parcel Perform account:  With our search box and filters, instantly discover which roles and permissions each user has and manage them from a single overview. Reduce occurrences of human error or systematic error by ensuring each user has the appropriate permissions.
  2. Strengthen the management of temporary staff during high-volume seasons: It’s not uncommon during the peak season for businesses to bring in temporary customer service staff to help with higher-than-usual call volumes. With this update, account administrators can assign specific carriers or parcel tags to temporary staff to manage while leaving the rest of the account untouched. 
  3. Smoothen working relationships with external partners or carriers: Having enough logistics carriers with enough capacity for peak season is critical to handle higher-than-expected shipment volumes. If you’re bringing in additional logistics support during these few months, limit the customer service staff of those carriers to only have access to the parcels that their carrier is handling. It’s a win-win situation – you worry less about accidental exposure of data and they enjoy a simplified workflow with you.

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How to edit an account user’s roles as an administrator

User Management 4

 To edit a user’s permissions, click the user row in the user overview to open the user profile. 

In this pop-up, you will be able to: 

  1. Remove the user: You’ll need to first confirm that you want to remove the selected user 
  2. Resend account invitation to Inactive users 
  3. Restore users whose accounts are Disabled 

Preparing for high-volume seasons? We’ve got you covered with this update. 

High volume periods can be stressful with so many different complexities and new users to manage. But with this new add-on to your Parcel Perform account, save valuable time and effort managing your users. Now you can leave the people management to us and spend your time further optimizing your business during this critical period. 

This User Management feature is now available for your Parcel Perform account and is free to use for a limited time. Reach out to your account managers if you have questions or suggestions.