Parcel Filters And Tags Update
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New Feature Release: Advanced Parcel Filter For Locations And Tags for Your Parcels



Following one of our biggest updates yet, we have released another feature to help you organise your parcels, improve the efficiency of your customer service staff and increase the impact of your Parcel Overview dashboard.

Introducing our all-new Location Filters and Parcel Tags!

How does this benefit me?

  • Use the advanced filters in our Parcel Overview to now search for parcels from a specific Origin and/ or destination
  • Create your own customisable tags for parcels in your Parcel Overview. Use them to streamline your tracking workflows and filter your parcels any way you want.

These updates opens up a range of possibilities for your delivery tracking and customer service operations.

Advanced Filter – Origin & Destination Information

Do you have parcels travelling over multiple locations or carriers?  Now you can quickly organise them by their Origin (From) and Destination (To). Save your customer service and operations staff time and effort with our advanced filters for your Parcel Overview.

That’s not all.

Advanced Filter – Introducing Tags


We are proud to introduce the hidden superpower for your Parcel Overview dashboard – Tags.

You can now quickly add important information to parcels for further reference or organise them by a common tag. For example, with Tags, you can  categorise parcels by product range or different priority levels. You can even assign parcels to different customer service staff for quick follow up or to an active sales campaign; the possibilities are endless!

With Tags, you can literally cover any filter need you might have.

We’ve come up with some potential use cases to streamline your parcel tracking operations and delight your customers. Feel free to use these to get inspired!

  1. Prioritise a parcel: Simply add an “important” or “priority” tag when you upload the parcel and later filter only the ones that you really want to monitor. This is also useful to identify urgent parcels, important customers or a particular product type.
  2. Add product and sales information: Add your own product information or a collection tag to your parcel. You can even  search for the latest spring collection parcels, parcels from a particular sales campaign or anything else that might require a different view on your orders.
  3. Combine parcel status and a particular tag: : Filter parcels by status (e.g. issues / delay) and use the tag as an additional filter. For example,you can assign parcels to a particular customer service staff to help them to reach out to the customer as quickly as possible.

How to add a tag?

You can simply add one or many tags to a parcel while you are uploading it into our system.

Alternatively, to add a tag to a previously uploaded parcel, simply click on ‘Additional Details’ within the dashboard and add in the tags you wish.

You can also separate multiple tags with commas.

Once your parcels have been tagged, use the Filter by Tag option in the top filter bar to find your tagged parcels. You can also just enter it in the search bar if you don’t want to combine it with other filters. Up to you.

Simple and fast. The options are endless.

Since this feature was also based on our continuous efforts to improve our services to meet our customer needs, we’ll like to thank our customers for their feedback that never fails to inspire us. Do you have any suggestions for us that you’ll like to see next? We are listening and am more than happy to hear your feedback to serve you even better.