Advance Your Customer Experience With Parcel Perform’s Premium Branded Tracking Page

Marketing teams rejoice – one of your high-performing marketing channels just got more powerful. In this article we’ll lay down what we can achieve with our Premium Branded Tracking Page. 

Is your post-purchase experience delivering the trust, reliability and on-brand personalized experience that customers desire?

We at Parcel Perform are here to give you the tools and support you to foster the trust in customers you need.

We’re thrilled to announce a premium version to Parcel Perform’s Branded Tracking Page that gives you the ability to customize your UI & functionalities based on your customers’ preferences and directly implement delivery updates within your webshop. 

Marketing teams rejoice – one of your high-performing marketing channels just got more powerful. In this article we’ll lay down what you can achieve with our Premium Branded Tracking Page. 

Who is this Branded Tracking Page update for? 

  • Customer experience managers 
  • E-commerce teams 
  • Marketing managers and teams 

A Premium Branded Tracking Page your customers will love:

parcel perform's premium branded tracking page

  • Show relevant information first with flexible UI blocks: Switch up the positioning or the look and feel of the various components of your branded tracking page – from parcel details, logistics carrier information and more based on your customer’s preferences. This gives you many more opportunities to maintain your brand’s look and feel on your tracking page and give your customers a personalized on-brand experience after checkout.
  • Talk to them in their language with multi-language support: Engage your customers with the ability to personalize and localise your communications to over 30+ languages.
  • Key information available to meet your customer’s needs: Our Premium Tracking Page can be a stand-alone custom domain webpage or integrate within your existing website as a widget – displaying parcel tracking information along with your standard header, upselling ads and footer for a seamless experience. 
  • Frictionless experience within your webshop for both desktop and mobile devices: With customers increasingly shopping from mobile devices, our tracking pages are optimized for multiple screen sizes, ensuring your branding and marketing content are optimized across multiple channels. 

Countless opportunities for your post-purchase experience to shine with valuable tracking insights

Key parcel tracking information is displayed prominently for all your customers on our Premium Branded Tracking Page. With a single glance, your customers can now get the latest updates on their parcels when they come to your tracking page. They’ll also see the latest delivery status updates & locations in 30+ languages. 

Customers can also: 

  • View all parcels associated with an order number
  • Understand WHEN exactly their parcels will be delivered with our PREDICT add on – all seamlessly done within your branded tracking page. 

Besides communicating critical delivery information your customers are looking for, we’ve outlined some powerful uses for your own Parcel Perform Premium Branded Tracking Page.

Drive upselling opportunities on a high-engagement touch point: Take advantage of the strong engagement on your branded tracking page to upsell related content and products that your customers can purchase within your own webshop environment. 

Prime real estate for your marketing material: We’re enormous fans of branded tracking pages for marketing. Your customers expect proactive delivery updates on their order and will seek order information. We’ve also optimized our branded tracking pages to dynamically show your marketing content. With more engaged views on your content, your premium tracking page is prime space for marketing collateral or campaigns.

Align your order, tracking & carrier information in your brand’s look and feel: Customers desire a seamless omni-channel customer experience, and the details matter. Ensure your tracking page maintains the visuals, colours and fonts of your brand and you’ll be on your way to delivering a fantastic customer experience.

You can even customize the delivery phase icons – your brand finally owns the branding of the entire delivery journey to excite your clients.

Seamlessly retrieve your parcel information: We’ve made it easy for your customers to understand and retrieve parcel information. Your parcel details automatically appear when your customers look for their parcel information, removing the need to input their parcel IDs when looking for latest parcel updates and tracking multiple orders at once.

Full visibility on your tracking page’s performance: Detailed analytics are available to help you optimize your marketing assets for maximum performance and impact. A/B test your visuals, copy or call-to-action to ensure maximum performance and impact of your marketing assets. 

How to get Parcel Perform’s Premium Branded Tracking Page for your business 

Our teams are on standby to help you out and get you started on creating your Premium Tracking Page! Join our international customers like MECCA Brands, Decathlon, Nespresso and many others that have already made the leap to a superior post-purchase experience with our Premium Tracking Page.  

The best part? You’ll avoid actual configuration effort or any hassle on your end. 

Our team will work with you on the branding and handle the entire development to ensure your branded tracking page adheres to your internal brand guidelines. 

We’ll handle all configuration and make it as simple as possible for you. Within a few days our team will hand over the code snippet, for you to implement and go live within a week. 

A superior customer experience is now easily accessible for everyone. We’re ready to help on questions you may have and can’t wait to get you started. Contact our team today and we’ll be able to share a professional layout of your future branding tracking page. Speak to us for a personalized consultation.