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Uncover hidden customer retention potential

Uncover hidden customer retention potential

A transparent delivery process reveals opportunities to engage, delight, and increase customer lifetime value to fuel your e-commerce business growth.

Mobile checkout page for e-commerce brand with parcel date-of-arrival prediction and rating function.

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Increase e-commerce sales and promote brand loyalty


increase in checkout conversion rate

Customer satisfaction


increase in customer lifetime value

Engagement touchpoint


open rates for more upsell opportunities

Achieving success for e-commerce businesses worldwide

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Tablet mockup of a webshop checkout page with high-accuracy arrival dates from Parcel Perform that can improve conversion rates by 20%.

Replace uncertainty with the confidence to buy at checkout

If customers know when their parcels will arrive, they are more likely to checkout. With help from machine learning and configurable rule-based algorithms, provide high-accuracy arrival dates that can improve conversion rates by 20%.

Improve checkout rates with exact dates of arrival

Automatically re-calibrated predictions based on delays

Predictions are made using all your order, warehouse, and logistics data

Boost checkout rates with accurate parcel arrival times
Branded order tracking page mockup of Parcel Perform's customer Nespresso, showing how Parcel Perform provides brands with 4-6 extra touchpoints for customer engagement.

Keep your customers hooked with a perfect delivery experience

Customers typically check on their orders 4-6 times until fulfillment. Instead of sending them away to carrier pages, keep them engaged with a branded tracking page. This is how you increase customer lifetime value and improve customer satisfaction.

Give your customers a branded tracking experience on your website

Personalize the delivery journey with relevant data

Upsell and cross-sell when your customers are most engaged

Create the perfect delivery experience with logistics data

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Building blocks of a perfect delivery experience
for e-commerce teams.

Delivery notification email mockup of Parcel Perform's customer Mister Spex, showing how Parcel Perform can help elevate customer engagement and achieve 80% open rate.

Elevate customer engagement with the right information at the right time

Your customers can get anxious about their orders. It’s a powerful emotion that makes them more receptive to delivery notifications. 80% of these notifications get read, making them high-value touchpoints with the potential to upsell and cross-sell.

Keep customers informed from checkout to fulfillment

Communicate through the channels customers prefer

Personalize notifications that delight, inform and create a path for the next purchase

Engage your customers when they are most receptive
Branded order tracking page mockup of Parcel Perform's customer Emma, to show how customer ratings can increase NPS rate by 20%.

Use customer insights to optimize the business for sustainable growth

Getting the delivery journey right requires a deep understanding of your customers’ preferences and frustrations. When you collect ratings, you get direct access to customer sentiments that you can use to optimize the delivery experience.

Connect intelligent feedback collection with automated workflows

Collect ratings via notifications and tracking pages

Layer customer feedback data with logistics data

Optimize your business with meaningful customer insights
Mobile phone mockup of a successful return request, showing how a good returns experience can result in 30% increase in profits.

Make the returns experience as seamless as your delivery experience

A seamless returns experience is key to customer loyalty. When implemented on the same platform as outbound shipments, you gain end-to-end visibility and operational excellence through the same granular tracking experience for internal teams and customers.

Single platform for delivery and returns management

Connected and automated returns handling processes

Transparent processes that keep stakeholders updated

Offer returns and delivery experiences on one platform

Explore our End-to-End Data & Delivery Experience Platform

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Convert abandoned carts into orders. Tailored EDD prediction. Win with industry-leading AI.

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Parcel Perform Post-Purchase experience above the fold icon

Avoid delivery pitfalls and turn unhappy customers into loyal ones. Stop the WISMO madness. Make upselling happen.

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Parcel Perform Returns experience above the fold icon

Outsmart complicated reverse logistics. Minimize WISMR. Build customer loyalty and lifetime value.

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Parcel Perform Logistics experience above the fold icon

Cut costs. Eliminate disruptions. Book and label accurately. Stay agile and responsive.

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Parcel Perform E-commerce Co-Pilot above the fold icon

Rethink business management. Supercharge your decisions with tailored data & AI. Tap on real-time actionable insights.

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Parcel Perform Checkout Experience

Start Fast, Win Faster

Efficient workflows

Go-live < 30days

Enterprise-ready platform built to integrate with your existing systems quickly and effectively.

Increase e-commerce sales and promote brand loyalty

10-20 x ROI

Massive cost savings, and operation improvements widen your profit margins


Time-to-value < 90 days

Powerful data-driven features deliver expected results the moment you start using them.

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"The competition in our market is extremely high so customer retention is a huge topic for us - not just in terms of cost consideration - it's the basis for us to grow our business. By curating a unique delivery experience we increased our customer retention rate by 20%."

Johannes Kliesch
Founder of SNOCKS

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This image contains Parcel Perform's branding elements. It has the name, logo, and tagline, which is pushing beyond post-purchase. It has a futuristic look, with dots that represent stars in space. The theme is looking towards the future.

Parcel Perform Advances E-commerce Delivery with New AI-Powered Platform, Pushing Beyond Post-Purchase

Jun 04, 2024

This is an abstract image with icons that represent Parcel Perform's product framework, which comprises 5 key experiences. There's the post-purchase experience, checkout experience, returns experience, logistics experience, and e-commerce co-pilot. Each experience fills in a gap in a merchant's deliver experience. But together, they provide e-commerce businesses a way to provide customers with the best possible, seamless post-purchase experience. They also provide e-commerce merchants a streamlined and seamless way to fully manage their logistics operations, and business too. The image contains depictions of trucks, maps, shopping carts, and boxes that illustrate the delivery or post-purchase journey that an e-commerce shopper goes through when buying from an e-commerce business.
Customer Experience
Data & Integrations

Elevate your e-commerce game: 5 key experiences to master

May 30, 2024

The image is an abstract image that displays the basic elements that comprises a delivery process. We have trucks, an online shopper, self-service order tracking window and shopping cards, delivery experience ratings, and the Parcel Perform logo. The topic is why merchants should use a single platform to fully manage their e-commerce logistics operations. Because a single platform has the data, and the tools necessary to oversee the entire frontend and backend process of post-purchase experience, or as Parcel Perform would like to call it, the delivery experience.
Data & Integrations
Customer Experience

The delivery advantage: How a single platform can supercharge your e-commerce business

May 30, 2024

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