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Take control of logistics processes with end-to-end visibility from order to returns. Discover how Parcel Perform can help you optimize the entire process, uncover cost-reduction opportunities, and identify the most reliable logistics partners.

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Full supply chain visibility
increase in transparency on logistics operations
Global carriers
reduction of last mile logistics costs
Customer satisfaction
less complaints on delivery complications

Achieving success for e-commerce businesses worldwide

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ANALYZE - Get parcels moving with data and insights, not assumptions

Get parcels moving with data and insights, not assumptions

Your logistics team has a promise to keep - they need to get parcels to customers on time. With full visibility into your logistics operations, you can identify and resolve issues before they become severe customer experience issues.
Build on-demand reports with granular logistics data
Get critical insights from a customizable dashboard
Make data-driven decisions with logistics intelligence
Fuel a flawless delivery experience with insights from your own data
COMPLY - Drive lean logistics operations while maintaining peak performance

Drive lean logistics operations while maintaining peak performance

Logistics has many moving parts. Full visibility here can not only keep you informed and updated, but also lower logistics costs. With 100% transparency you can reduce last-mile logistics costs by 10%, and lower delivery complication complaints by 50%.
Build end-to-end SLA alerts, workflows and notifications
Customize analysis to single out insights that matter
Find and fix inefficiencies to save operations costs
Take control of delivery performance with SLA compliance monitoring

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Building blocks of a perfect delivery experience
for logistics teams.

RETURNS - Make the returns experience as seamless as your delivery experience

Make the returns experience as seamless as your delivery experience

92% of returning customers will buy again if the returns process is easy. To keep it profitable, businesses can manage returns on their data-driven delivery platform to ensure a consistent returns experience, while keeping costs to a bare minimum.
Cover the end-to-end post-checkout journey with an integrated solution
Unify the delivery and returns experience through a single embedded widget
Support continuous improvements with a powerful data-driven solution
Drive profitability with a returns experience as seamless as your delivery experience
NOTIFY - Keep customer service and customers automatically updated with delivery milestones

Keep customer service and customers automatically updated with delivery milestones

With notifications, updating customers and customer service becomes automated–and off the to-do list of your logistics team. It’s also fully customizable so that stakeholders only receive the updates that matter the most.
Deliver a powerful end-to-end branded tracking experience
Optimize communications through the channels defined by customers and your business
Seamlessly integrate solution to existing systems to start using delivery data throughout the business
Keep customers engaged across the entire delivery journey with your business
CARE - Get instant access to shipment details and make efficiency the leading trait of the team

Get instant access to shipment details and make efficiency the leading trait of the team

In logistics, small issues can become big bottlenecks. To address this challenge, your logistics team can use custom workflows. Intelligent workflow automation can help them instantly identify and resolve shipment issues–even across locations and markets.
Access standardized shipment details across 1,045+ carriers worldwide
Setup smart workflows to proactively identify and resolve shipment issues
Automatically generate and share logistics reports to update relevant teams in real-time
Empower customer service with the data they need to be your key business advantage

One platform where every order counts.

Parcel Perform - One platform for Logistics Operations Teams
For e-commerce merchants and marketplaces in pursuit of growth in a global, competitive economy, every order counts.
Parcel Perform is a team of logistics and data experts setting the bar for the delivery experience from pre-checkout to returns.
By harnessing the power of data and integrations our platform helps businesses improve customer lifetime value, lower logistics costs, and advance customer service operations, fuelling growth and expansion.
With Parcel Perform, e-commerce businesses can now make every order, every shipment, and every loyal customer count.

Start Fast, Win Faster

Efficient workflows

Go-live < 30 days

Enterprise-ready platform built to integrate with your existing systems quickly and effectively.

Increase e-commerce sales and promote brand loyalty

10-20 x ROI

Massive cost savings, and operation improvements widen your profit margins


Time-to-value < 90 days

Powerful data-driven features deliver expected results the moment you start using them.

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byrd CCO and Founder Petra Dobrocka
Petra Dobrocka
CCO and Founder of byrd
"As Europe's leading e-commerce fulfillment platform, we work with multiple regional carriers. We wanted a partner that could handle the highest degree of data complexity to help our customers improve operational efficiency and elevate the delivery experience."
Parcel Perform partner byrd
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