Unlock the Next Generation of Delivery Updates With Our Date of Arrival Predictions

Providing accurate information on the delivery date is crucial for online shopper’s satisfaction. Customers want to know when their parcels will arrive and appreciate clear guidance on expected delivery dates for their e-commerce shipments.

Now with machine learning technology, we have an innovation that allows you to deliver accurate delivery predictions and help you focus your communication on helpful insights your customers appreciate. How many days until a parcel is delivered? How much longer will my parcel take to be delivered if there are delays? 

Now you can provide your customers with all these answers automatically, before they even have to ask you. 

Transform how your customers get delivery updates with machine learning

We’re excited to announce our latest product developed in partnership with Amazon Web Services Machine Learning Solutions Lab – the Date of Arrival Predictions engine. 

Combining Parcel Perform’s logistics data on millions of parcels worldwide with Amazon Web Services’s industry-leading machine learning expertise, we’re transforming the e-commerce delivery experience for your customers worldwide.

Here we share what is possible with our Date of Arrival Predictions engine and how to get started with a customized prediction algorithm for your business. 

What are Date of Arrival Predictions updates?

Our Date of Arrival predictions is a new piece of information translating technical updates from your logistics carrier into relevant and specific information on when your customer’s parcels are due to arrive. We’re confident your customers will love it.

When delivery dates provided by logistics carriers are unclear or not guaranteed, including this new bit of information will transform the delivery experience for your customers and open up multiple opportunities for your business.

Who are these updates for?

  • Customer service teams 
  • E-commerce and customer experience teams 

Why you and your customers will love it: 

E-commerce delivery volumes are growing exponentially in 2020. More consumers look for convenience and constant, meaningful communication on their deliveries. 

Retailers who can provide clear indications on delivery timings throughout the entire journey will provide a fantastic delivery experience and delight their customers.

A snapshot of what is possible with our Date of Arrival Predictions Engine: 

  • Communicate critical delivery information your customers are looking for: For the first time, you can delight your customers by providing the key piece of information they come to your brand’s tracking page for – clear updates on when their parcel is arriving
  • Seamless integration with our Premium Branded Tracking Page:  Our Date of Arrival Predictions engine integrates smoothly within our Premium Branded Tracking Page – allowing your customers to understand WHEN exactly their parcels will be delivered. 
  • Streamlined, relevant communication with your customers throughout the entire delivery journey: Accurate, up-to-date delivery predictions ensures your branded SMS and email communications after checkout will always be relevant and reliable throughout the entire delivery journey. 
  • Opens new opportunities to engage your customers: With reliable, frequent updates on shipment status throughout the delivery process in real-time, you get even more opportunities to deliver a coherent brand experience, drive upselling opportunities and keep your customers coming back to your shop.
  • Avoid delivery inquiries and be the first to inform your customers about delivery delays: Regain control of the post-purchase experience and delight your customers with easy-to-understand delivery updates instead of answering delivery inquiries from frustrated customers. 
  • Stay on top of your customer delivery promises: Never worry about whether you can fulfil the delivery promises you communicate to your customers. Our predictions update round-the-clock to adapt to environmental changes and provide unmatched prediction accuracy and reliability.

How to get our Date of Arrival Predictions engine for your business 

Ready to unlock the next generation of delivery updates, powered by machine learning and fully customised for your needs? Our team is ready to help you and get you started on your own prediction algorithm for your data. 

We’ll start off with working with your teams to create a unique proof-of-concept for a customised Machine Learning solution for your business. 

In this initial phase we will start training a machine learning model for prediction simulations using a sample size of your parcel data and logistics carriers. For best results we recommend a minimum of 400,000 shipments uploaded into our platform to train our model on and provide an accurate analysis for Date of Arrival Predictions. 

Get ready to unlock the next generation of delivery updates and a superior customer experience for you and your business. 

We’re ready to help on questions you may have and can’t wait to get you started. 

Speak to our team and we’ll be able to work together and share a proof-of-concept of how Machine Learning can transform your delivery experience, powered by your own data. Speak to us for a personalized consultation.