An Enhanced, More Intuitive Parcel Overview For Your Teams

Developing personalised customer experiences is a key focus in 2020 and we’re happy to announce several enhancements to the Parcel Overview to help you do that. Save your Parcel Overview view as a bookmark, share them across your organization for quicker viewing. More in this article.

Developing personalised customer experiences is a key focus in 2020 and we’re happy to announce several enhancements to the Parcel Overview to help you do that. Save your Parcel Overview view as a bookmark, share them across your organization for quicker viewing.

We’ve expanded our array of filters, made it easier to navigate pages and introduced customised columns for you to view and share parcel data with your team.

Who is this update for? 

  • Customer service professionals handling parcel delivery enquiries 
  • Last mile delivery teams that can now view specific issues and enjoy improved reporting functionality.
  • Anyone in the organisation that wants to access get all parcel related information in an intuitive manner

What’s new in this update:

  • Save your Parcel Overview view as a bookmark; either for quick reference or for sharing across your organization.  
  • Quickly select one or multiple parcels to export, archive or add tags to a parcel selection.
  • New filter options and performance enhancements for even more specific analysis of parcel details 
  • Easily add, remove and drag & drop columns within the Parcel Overview to quickly organise your parcels for quicker viewing and action
  • Sort your parcels according to parcel tags – now available as a column selector in the Parcel Overview

In this article, we’ll cover the new functionalities introduced in this update and share some suggestions on how it can streamline your customer service operations.

1. Bringing shareable bookmarks to the Parcel Overview! 

We’re excited to unveil one of our most anticipated updates to the Parcel Overview – sharable bookmarks. Bookmarks will help you save any combination of filters and configuration of the Parcel Overview layout. Share these bookmarks across your organization or use them to streamline your personal workflow in Parcel Perform.

Some ideas on how bookmarks can streamline your Parcel Overview workflow: 

  • Monitoring a specific carrier’s performance or a particular trade lane across the past three months? Set up the relevant filters in your Parcel Overview and save individual views for easy reference (e.g. by carrier, trade lane or tag).
  • View parcels experiencing issues (or go one level deeper and search for a specific issue type) and mark these for priority follow up – especially powerful for your pro-active outreach to customers.
  • Add a Parcel Tag as a column and track parcels using these specific tags in one quick overview. You’ve got near unlimited possibilities here: track parcels from a unique customer, time range or sales campaign and easily refer back to them when desired. 

Having these critical reports at your fingertips for easy viewing significantly smoothes out your workflow and enables you to deliver even better customer service while saving valuable time. Feel free to come up with your own uses and configurations! 

Saving and viewing your first bookmark: 

Use the dropdown menu on the top-right corner to access your bookmarking features. Either use Save as bookmark to save your current Parcel Overview configuration as a bookmark or View all bookmarks to see all bookmarks associated with your organisation.

Give your bookmark a name: 

Saved bookmarks appear in the top of your Parcel Overview for easy reference: 

Sharing your bookmarks across your organisation: 

For easier collaboration across customer service teams, you can also share your bookmark with your organisation in a few clicks! 

Viewing and managing your bookmarks: 

At any point, use the View all bookmarks to manage your bookmark collection. Bookmarks shared with you by other users in your organisation will show up in Shared Bookmarks, whereas bookmarks you create will be in My Bookmarks.

To get you started on using this feature, our team has created a series of Standard Bookmarks available to all Parcel Overview users for a quick summary of the parcels in your account sorted by delivery status. Either use this as an initial reference for your customer service operations, or get inspired to create your own!

2. Personalize your Parcel Overview with our enhanced Column Selector, Bulk Selector and 20+ more filters

To complement this new Bookmark feature, we’re also adding many more options to display and filter data in the Parcel Overview. Add, remove or drag and drop columns to fit your individual working style.

What’s more, you can also modify the widths of each column for each column header – making your Parcel Overview uniquely yours. 


Tip: Your Parcel Overview selection of columns and column widths is personalised and unique to your own user account. Each of your customer service team members can create and use their own, personalised column selection.

How to access the Column Selector 

Navigate to the top-right corner of your Parcel Overview: 

First, select the columns to include in your Parcel Overview display. You can select a maximum of 20 columns from our extensive selection of parcel data fields. 

Second, drag and drop to sort the columns in the order that you want to view them. You also have the option to freeze the first three columns on the left side of the table – toggle the total number of fixed columns you want in your Overview.

Once you’re happy with your column selection, hit Confirm to apply your changes. You can also use Reset to Default to quickly re-apply the standard Column Selection to your Parcel Overview layout.

That’s not all, we also now have over 20 filter options to the Parcel Overview – giving you even more options and dimensions to filter your displayed parcel data. It’s also easier to add filters or view the filters that have already been applied to your Parcel Overview selection. 

To add a filter, click on the Add Filter button. Select your desired filters from the drop down menu. You can also narrow the search for your desired filter by using the search bar provided in the drop-down.

Tip: If you experience any issues with parcels not loading in your Parcel Overview, we’ve got you covered! Refresh your display or clear your browser cache to resolve any loading issues.

Manage your parcel selection with our new Bulk Selector. 

We introduced this nifty feature to help you manage large quantities of parcel data in the Overview. Use the Bulk Selector to select one or more parcels from a single page or select all parcels from a page. 

Click the checkbox on top of the Parcel Overview to select all available parcels in your current view. 

From here, either Export, Archive or Add Tags to your parcel selections to quickly apply the desired state to your parcel selection.

Parcel Tags are now available as a selectable column in the Parcel Overview

Did you know our Parcel Tags feature can now show and filter your data as a column in the Parcel Overview? 

How to create a new column using a Parcel Tag 

Step 1: Select Edit Table Columns from the dropdown menu

Step 2: Select Show Specific Tags  from the column selector

Step 3: Select one tag from your list of available parcel tags 

Step 4: Once confirmed, a new column will be defined. Either repeat the process to create another column based on a tag or click Confirm to generate your new Parcel Overview table. 

Step 5: Parcels with the selected tag will be highlighted with a green tick box.

We’ve got some suggestions on how to use this new feature to streamline your customer service operations: 

  • Check if any parcels tagged to a specific campaign’s tag are encountering any issues and whether they’ve been resolved. 
  • Assess the latest delivery status of parcels with a specific parcel tag 
  • If a tag is used to identify parcels for priority shipping or customer follow up, customer service staff can sort parcels by tag for faster information retrieval while on calls with customers.

Transform your customer service and logistics operations with our new Parcel Overview

Outstanding customer support is dependent on a variety of factors. Being ready to help, displaying empathy, ability to manage time and remembering customer details are all skills that a customer service team must juggle. 

Let Parcel Perform take the load off your customer service team by having all your customer’s parcel details in a single, comprehensive overview. We’re confident that these new enhancements will help your customer service team deliver excellent service to your customers throughout 2020 and beyond. 

The Parcel Overview is now available to Parcel Perform account Administrators and users with the Customer Service (View & Edit), Customer Service (View only) user roles. 

Any ideas, questions or feedback? Connect with us on LinkedIn or speak to your account managers for more details.