Parcel Perform New Logo Rebranding
Team Updates

Welcome Our Updated Parcel Perform Logo!

Today, the proud Parcel Perform teams are excited to unveil our new logo!

It’s already been an exciting start of the year for Parcel Perform. You might have already noticed the many exciting new enhancements released in the last few weeks. After our new mobile-optimized, dashboard release and the enhancement of our integrations page earlier this month, we are now proud to unveil the next highlight of January 2019; the new Parcel Perform logo.

Our new logo features the modern, yet elegant design of a global software company. It of course has the same, easily recognizable blue tones you know and love. We opted to keep things simple to reflect the future direction of our product and company.

While we embrace this evolution in 2019, let’s take a look at our journey over the last few years.

A Recap of the Parcel Perform journey:

The evolution of our company T-shirt over the years!

The past 3 years have indeed been an astounding journey for us.

Parcel Perform has won numerous awards over the years; participating in a reality TV show hosted by Channel News Asia aired across 20 countries. We were also the audience favorites in startup pitching arenas in countries as diverse as Australia, Thailand,Singapore and beyond.

In addition to our achievements on the startup pitching front, we’ve also made inroads in the local and regional e-commerce logistics industry.  We closed our seed funding round in January 2018 and were announced as the official software provider for the Locker Alliance Network; an initiative by the Singapore Government and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to enhance last-mile logistics in Singapore. This initiative was launched last December.

2019 brings the continuous evolution of our product and services for our customers.

As always, we are obsessed with fantastic customer experience and our team is always working to provide retailers like yourself with the best possible e-commerce logistics experience. In recent years, our service offerings have diversified beyond parcel tracking into developing new innovations and services to enhance e-commerce logistics for you!

What this rebrand means for you.

As of today, you will see the Parcel Perform platform, website and all key communication channels swapped over to the new logo – exciting right?

Of course, this will be just the first step to the new enhancements we have in store for you. Along with the exciting new product developments we brought you in January, we’ve got more updates and innovations brewing in 2019 and we look forward to sharing them with you as we continue evolving in the year ahead!