HOW TO: Build Your Own Branded Tracking Page

UPDATED 27 May 2020, originally published 7 September 2017.


Our branded tracking experience ensures both your delivery and your brand remains visible to your customers, keeping them well-informed and also closely engaged with your brand.

For an updated tutorial of how to use Parcel Perform to build a branded tracking page, refer to this tutorial.


As more people are based at home, consumers now increasingly rely on online ordering to meet their needs for essential goods or indulge in some ‘retail therapy’. More and more eyes will turn to retailer’s post-purchase experiences as consumers wonder when and where their orders will arrive.


Retailers are now hard-pressed to gain new customers and build brand loyalty and keep their customers. Customers now seek the retailer who can deliver the best customer experience in their shopping journey.


In this article we’ll show you how branded tracking pages are an integral part of providing a strong post-purchase experience for your customers and how you can make use of this opportunity to drive customer retention and loyalty for your brand.

Why build a tracking page?

“(The post-purchase experience) represents a significant opportunity to drive incremental revenue for retailers and manufacturers alike.”

Customers expect proactive communication from retailers

Studies found that 82% of consumers said it was important that retailers proactively communicate every fulfilment and delivery stage, with 45% saying they track order status by SMS/phone and 85% using email to stay updated.


Consumers with higher spending expect more updates

Luxury or retailers of high-value items should take note: the more the customer spends in their order, the more communication and delivery notifications they expect during the post-purchase journey.


Getting visibility on deliveries is a key consideration for customers when buying online

70% of consumers said the ability to track orders ranked as a top consideration when buying products online. 56% said it was a top consideration when ordering a luxury item (Global E-Commerce Consumer Research Report)

Key elements of a branded tracking page:

Some questions to consider while thinking of your branded tracking page: Parcel Perform’s tracking pages automatically has all these elements in place and ensure the best post-purchase experience for your customers.


  • Does it reflect the look and feel of your brand? Your branded tracking page feel like an extension of your website and not a separate entity.
  • Does it deliver the latest tracking updates to your customers in an easy-to-understand way? Think about how these updates are structured and visually arranged on your tracking page. Note whether you can interact comfortably with all the elements on your site on other devices.
  • Are there any marketing collateral in place to encourage upselling?: Knowing that your customers will make intentional, recurring visits to your branded tracking page or engage with your email delivery updates, why not turn your branded tracking page into a prime marketing channel? Think of relevant content or any up-selling/cross-selling opportunities you can use to engage your customers.
  • Is your branded tracking page optimised across browser types and screen sizes? With 57 percent of all Internet traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, optimizing for mobile is essential. Besides ensuring your email and website is designed and built mobile-first, it’s also essential to ensure that all your online assets–including your tracking page and delivery updates–look amazing on mobile devices.

You can either host your tracking page on a separate link as what our customers Decathlon and MECCA Brands do, or host it on your own website as a fully-functional tracking widget.

Example of branded tracking pages from our customers: 

Decathlon Singapore

MECCA Brands

DB Schenker 

Inkbox embeds their branded tracking page on their website as a widget


We’re announcing several exciting enhancements to our Branded Tracking Page soon… stay tuned for more details!